Pit Base Review 2022

PitBase has established itself as one of the fastest growing and trusted brands for trading futures & options. Their mission is to make the world of futures trading accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, without the need to depend on large financial institutions.

PitBase now allows for online futures and options trading regardless of location. This offers an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that can be accessed through any PC or mobile device with internet capability.

The global brand now offers access to trade Bitcoin futures. This allows a user to develop and diversify their crypto portfolio to get the most out of the exciting and lucrative digital assets market.

3 Steps to Start Trading Futures

  1.     Create Account: Opening a trading account with PitBase  is quick and easy. You will be required to provide KYC identification, which may include copies of identification and proof of address to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  1.     Make a Deposit: Once your account is approved, you will be directed through the simple and straightforward process of depositing funds into your account. You can fund your account through Check or Wire Transfer. Information on how to download or access the trading platforms will also be sent to you.
  1.     Start Trading: You are now ready to begin trading on your selected / preferred trading platforms. Enjoy the experience.


  • Regulated by governmental organizations
  • Well established and one of the fastest growing brands.
  •  Unparalleled services
  •  Free Demo accounts available
  • Offers educational and research materials
  • Free trading platforms
  • Free quotes, charts, and research materials.


Traders in some foreign countries might be required to translate their documents to English

Is Pitbase Safe?

As a regulated company, PitBase requires customers to validate their accounts by providing authentic documents that prove their identity.  By completing a stringent process, it remains compliant with AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) laws. 

The process protects users from fraudulent individuals while providing a safe environment for traders to conduct their trades

It is important to note that not all exchange and brokerage platforms are regulated, and for those who have no governing oversight, investments could be at considerable risk from insolvency, closure, or outright scams. 


The reputation of PitBase speaks for itself, and it only takes a quick internet search to discover A solid reputation which brings more clients to the site.

It can be argued that PitBase and its founders have been at the very forefront of the fintech revolution, delivering the highest standard of service to all its customers.

Is PitBase for Me?

A common question among traders is whether PitBase will serve their needs and suit their requirements.

Beginner traders may be concerned that they might be confused by technical layouts or market data streams. In contrast, experienced traders want to ensure that there is enough functionality for them to call upon their years of experience to maximize returns or minimize risks.

Let us examine services offered by PitBase from both perspectives to provide you with a clear picture of what to expect, regardless of your previous knowledge and skill level.

I’m a Beginner

For those who are new to the futures industry, PitBase offers a wealth of educational resources and free Demo / simulated trading accounts to get you started. You should take full advantage of educational resources and practice accounts provided to you freely, as it will enable you to understand the fundamental mechanics of trading futures. The simulated trading accounts can help you develop your trading strategy.

I’m an Experienced Trader

For the experienced trader, PitBase offers various trading platforms that come with comprehensive set of tools to help alleviate some of the time-consuming tasks involved with trading.

PitBase was created with the active trader in mind, and with the goal of meeting the needs of all traders

Benefits of Trading Futures with PitBase

PitBase traders have access to some of the most well-established platforms of all online trading networks. with significant improvements and expansions put in place year on year since the company was founded.

With adherence to regulation assured, you know that when you trade as a PitBase trader, you are in an environment where you can learn and grow as a trader.

Beginner traders learn to take positive first steps in the futures markets, while gaining experiences through the Free Demo and Simulated trading accounts.

Experienced traders are rewarded for their effective strategies. The platforms offer accurate, impartial information when it comes to managing risk levels and setting your stop-and-take limits. 

Many online trading brokers will come and go, but as one of the fastest growing futures & options brokers, PitBase is here to stay and will continue to care for its customers through unparalleled services and support. 

Fees & Cost of Trading at PitBase.com

The commission fees at PitBase as of today is $1.50 + fees per contract per side

Unlike some competitors, PitBase does not charge maintenance or hidden fees, even when there’s no account activity.

Signing up and creating your trading account is also completely free.

Funding Account

        Traders can fund their accounts with a check or wire transfers

Minimum opening Account Balance

Minimum initial opening account balance is $2,000

Trading Platforms

Pit Base offers a variety of entry platforms where all markets can be traded.

Trading Technologies (TT) : With TT Standard, simultaneously trade multiple markets from one fully customizable screen with superior speed, stability and accuracy.

CQG : CQG is one of the industry’s highest-performing solution for integrated trade routing, global market data, and advanced technical analysis tools.

Quick Screen Trading (QST) : QST is a revolutionary futures trading application that combines comprehensive, fast and flexible order entry/order management with world-class charting and analytics, real-time quotes and news.

Gain Trader : Gain Trader is an easy to use electronic trading platform that handles all of the complexities associated with trading and order management.

J-Trader : J-Trader is the ideal all-purpose futures trading tool which provides direct access to the world’s leading exchanges.

Cunningham Trading Systems (CTS) : CTS maintains three robust, redundant data centers to furnish fast, reliable market connectivity to many of the world’s largest exchanges.

CME Direct : Access CME Group futures, options and block markets all on one screen with CME Direct, a fast, secure and highly-configurable trading front-end.

iBroker : Trade everywhere you go with Mobile Trading

Orc Trading Platform : Experience trading and electronic execution technology for advanced derivatives trading with market access to all major exchanges, brokers and trading venues globally.

OptionsCity Software : OptionsCity Software, Inc. provides real-time electronic trading solutions to professional and institutional options traders.

Types of Accounts

Traders can select the type of account to open from

        Individual account

        Joint account

        Corporate and LLC account

        Trust account

        Partnership account

Final Thoughts

While it is true that there are larger brokerage firms who are numbers base and some of whose growth model involves acquiring other firms and their customers, PitBase focuses on customer centered services.

Those who wish to trade with number-based brokers without worrying about customer service experience may not notice the difference in their broker of choice.

Nevertheless, for traders who value the customer centered experience where they can rest assured their needs are catered for, it provides the perfect environment not only to trade, but to develop their skills and strategies, while enjoying vast resources offered by PitBase.

The company truly sets the bar with unparalleled services, as they continue to grow and expand. The regulatory status and overall professionalism of the brand inspire a great deal of trust. A highly praised customer service, and a vast range of educational resources free to access is part of why PitBase is unparalleled in services it provides.

Please note that there is a risk of loss in futures and options trading. The valuation of futures and options may fluctuate, and clients may lose more than their original investment. Futures and options trading is not suitable for everyone.

Past performance is not an indication of future results