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Piptradex Review: Avoid this Dangerous Broker

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Piptradex is a scam broker whose website is also full of lies. They claim to be licensed in the EU under the trademark of Piptradex Investments (Europe) Limited. However, we question their licensing status.

Piptradex also claims to be a trademark of Regent Markets Group. However, more research into the matter reveals that Regent Markets Group is a trademark of another shell company called Trinitas Capital (IOM) Ltd.

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The broker’s licensing information is sort of gibberish. The broker is allegedly licensed by several financial authorities and is claiming to be legitimately operational in offshore countries like Malta, British Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Consumers lack trust for this broker because they show a strong tendency of scamming traders and investors, just like, AmegaFX,com, ZeyFex, Milliva etc.

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Piptradex Review: They fool people with their lies

The broker claims to be fully regulated but this is a lie. They also say that they have a proven track record of 25 years. This is also another lie.

Their about us page contains very little information about the company. Instead, they use this space to tell more lies.

Their website is also very basic. Their logo lacks inspiration. One look at their website will let you know that PipTradex is a struggling broker.

If this is the case, how do you think that your funds will be safe in their hands?

More disturbing things about this Forex broker

When we look at their domain, we find that it was registered just recently. However, we recommend that traders should only use companies that have been established for a long time.

We also find that PipTradex does not have any customer feedback on the internet. This is typical of investment companies that are not established.

Probably this broker has not signed up any customer just yet. We are also 100% sure that the experience of this customer will be awful if they dare to sign up and deposit money.

And of course traders do not wish to use a broker that is not licensed. This is a huge turn off for most traders.

The Conclusion

The aim of trading Forex is to make money. However, the agenda of a broker like PipTradex is to ruin your ambitions by making it difficult to succeed financially.

Based on what we have observed, we can confidently conclude that this broker is a pure scam.

If the owner of this scam has reasons to believe that they are doing a good job, they will definitey email us to argue their case out. For the time being, do not sign up.

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