Pipsfxtrade.com Review: Here’s another Investment Scam

Pipsfxtrade is operated by clever people who introduce victims to a shady investment opportunity involving Forex, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies. If you want to invest, you should visit this page for directions and tools/resources that you need.

The site Pipsfxtrade.com is inviting investors to trade for themselves or copy experienced traders on the platform. They advertise quick withdrawals, friendly user interface and 24/7 customer support.

The people who run Pipsfxtrade also claim the company has won multiple awards which include Century International Gold ERA Award and best broker in Europe.

We’re unable to confirm these claims. Our investigative team have discovered that this website is actually telling lies in an attempt to win the trust of investors.

So in this review, we will give you reasons why you should not risk your money on this kind of platform.

Pipsfxtrade Review: Suspicious investment packages

The site is presenting a couple of investment plans with the least profitable yielding 400% ROI. And if you want to be ‘wealthy quickly’, the site is providing a custom plan.

Currently the highest plan is promising 950% ROI. They don’t say after how long these returns will be achieved. All we know is that this ROI is very suspicious.

How it’s generated is the big question. The way we understand it is that Pipsfxtrade is generating the returns from ‘copy trading’.

We’re interested in the suspicious copy trading platform since we saw that it only has 18 ‘traders’ and all of them are extremely ‘profitable’.

However, we’re unable to verify their profile or trading performance. This usually happens when a vendor is trying to cheat investors using fake trading data. In short, everything about this illegal copy trading service looks fake.

Pipsfxtrade trading platform

They’ve incorporated a Tradingview platform with some weird buttons to give the impression that they are involved in real trading.

Pipsfxtrade is clearly lying and making grave mistakes in the process. For example, we saw leverage of 1:10,000 and we were just laughing and wondering what kind of brokers are offering such leverage.

What we made out of this is that the platform is offering a market making kind of trading environment. This basically means your trades won’t be sent to the market. They are controlled by the scammers themselves.

You cannot beat them in this game but you will always lose by default. Other bucket shops that operate this way include Xnvest and Globalswisspro.

Pips FX Trade is an unlicensed brokerage platform

This website tells us that they’ve been around since 2016. But you should understand that this is a big lie. The site is only less than 2 years old.

We see them claiming that they’re from the US and Europe. But this is false because if they are lying about basic things, their real address is the last thing they can disclose to you.

In the US, brokers of this kind are regulated by Finra. In Europe we have FCA, CySEC and many others. Pips FX Trade is not regulated by any.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is that you will lose your money if you send it to these crooks. The anonymous faces that run Pipsfxtrade are hurtless. and their aim is to steal your money, not to help you invest.

We ask you to avoid such a broker at all cost.