Pips Predator Indicator Review: Scam by Alpesh Patel

Welcome to our review of Pips Predator Indicator. The trading indicator is supposedly used by the CEOs of Bloomberg, CNN and CNBC.

This sounds like complete baloney! And if the indicator is making money like some of our most recommended products here, the sales page should not be full of marketing fluff.

The websites proclaims that the tool is a simple indicator that can work with all markets including Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and so on.

The owner of Pips Predator Indicator is selling it for $2,490 a copy.

According to company’s marketing materials, Pips Predator Indicator is owned by Alphesh Patel who claims to be an award-winning hedge fund manager.

Furthermore, places are limited in his personal guidance and coaching program. He is only “inviting” a few traders to learn how to get the most out of the market.

He is even claiming that he is a certified trader and mentor.

As if this is not enough, Mr. Alpesh of Pips Predator also proclaims that he is mentoring global investors, traders and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Alpesh has an exciting biography indeed. In fact, we had fun reading it because we knew the statements were unverifiable.

pips predator indicator

The following details highlight the declarations of his resume.

  • Business, political and economic expertise has been used by the UK government as a “deal breaker between Asia and middle east.
  • Appointed by the UK Prime Minister to advice on policies that close ties between the UK and India
  • Featured on media outlets such as BBC’s Newsnight, CNN, Bloomberg, Sky Business News, CNBC and so on
  • Written over 200 columns in the Financial Times newspaper

In addition to this, Mr. Alpesh of Pipspredator.com proclaimed to have worked in the US congress and also for the UK government.

Apparently, Mr. Alpesh has also authored 18 books on investing and management.

Lastly, he is also working for charity causes.

Anybody with this kind of resume will definitely attract the attention of the world and should not be going through a typical day peddling any kind of financial snake oil.

The problem is that Alpesh is unknown in the trading circles but his website’s marketing materials proclaim that he is famous and has even worked for government organizations.

So, what exactly does the package look like if you decide to spend over 2K on it?

Well, according to the sales page, the Pips Predator indicator has an accuracy rate of 70%.

In addition to this, the indicator is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. Mr. Alphesh is willing to provide 1 one 1 lifetime mentorship too.

The package will also include a business plan, access to a thriving community, 24hour trading and alerts through phone.

Other websites owned by Alpesh include alpeshpatel.com and tradermind.com. Both websites are making absurd claims about Alpesh and his supposed trading prowess.

Pips Predator Indicator Review

The first thing to mention after all has been said and done is that the owner of Pips Predator indicator is making absurd claims just to sell something as simple as an indicator.

To summarize his character, we can say he is an indicator con artist and a delightful salesman.

This guy has mastered the art of top boiler room salesmanship. That is why he makes absurd claims instead of providing information about his trading system and why he believes it works.

He even claims to be a certified trader and mentor. The only problem with this statement is that there is actually zero evidence of this certification of a shit show.

Who is Alphesh Patel?

This is a great question indeed. Before we buy the Pips Predator indicator, we need to find out how different this product is from thousands of similar indicators in the marketplace.

This is where Alpesh Patel comes in. His resume is completely made up.

This dude does not have a verifiable track record of successful trading. He claims to be an award-winning hedge fund manager.

Well, we would like to know if there is evidence that indeed he manages portfolio of other individuals through the alleged companies.

Apparently, this information is hidden but Mr. Alpesh is still peddling his crappy indicator using the same exact proclamations which are unable to verify.

With zero trading performance to back his claims (remember this indicator allegedly has 70% win rate), we can comfortably say this is a scam.

Fake reviews on the Pips Predator Indicator website

Alpesh went ahead to create a page for “reviews” on his website where he posts all kinds of made-up feedback.

But you should remember there is no single marketer who will post criticism on their website.

Furthermore, those “testimonials” appear to be purely made up.

This page is meant to deceive the financially desperate.


Selling an indicator is not the problem. The problem is when a trading vendor decides to deceive his audience.

Technical analysis is not bad at all. All we need is verifiable trading results even for the last 1 month only so we can prove that indeed Alpesh is not a conman.

We know Alpesh of Pips Predator will feel bad when he reads this review.

On the other hand, our job is to expose vendors who use their silver-tongue language to sell over-priced indicators that do nothing more than what other indicators have done.

Thank you for reading.