Pibexa Review: Unregulated and a Scam Broker (pibexa.com)

Pibexa is a scam broker operating in the offshore location of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Pibexa uses persuasive language to lure victims into its trap before they can steal his deposit.

If you have lost money to this Pibexa fraud, we symphathize with you, but the good news is that you can now RECOVER YOUR LOST FUNDS.

Who is Pibexa?

They are a Forex and CFDs broker operating from an offshore location but targeting UK residents as well as citizens of other nations around the world.

Since they are not very transparent, we were not able to establish the identities of the people that run the website.

It also appears that this broker has 3 addresses. According to our investigations, this broker is operating from the UK, South America (Mexico) and the St Vincent and the Grenadines.

It seems that these crooks are very slippery. You can’t get hold of them and the much that regulators can do is to warn you about them.

Pibexa is not regulated

The Ontario Securities Commission has sounded an alarm that this corny website is targeting its citizens. This is something we should take very seriously because a financial regulator will never post these warnings if there is no real danger.

Pibexa is not regulated by any financial watchdog. This means that investors who trust their sales language will definitely lose their investments.

There’s no saying that this broker is an exception. Besides this, investors who take their chances will lose their deposit and will not be entitled for a compensation.

As a matter of fact, these rogue CFDs brokers operating from offshore locations are never responsible for protecting anyone’s capital. They are not answerable to anyone. This gives them much leeway to steal from their clients.

The trick: How they scam traders and investors

The minimum deposit is 250€. This is a fairly low amount. So probably a lot of beginners who are serious about trading and investing will get on board.

The broker promises to provide an ebook, academic material, an account manager, an expert trading analyst and other benefits.

A newbie in the CFDs trading business wants these things. On the other hand, the broker is an expert international scammer and a salesman. What they do is to call the potential victim and persuade them to make the minimum deposit.

Sooner or later, the scammer is going to convince the potential victim and money is somehow going to exchange hands.

Once the deposit is ‘credited’ into the victim’s account,  a ‘senior account manager’ is going to give the victim another call… explaining to them why the victim must not trade and that the account manager can trade on their behalf and generate a lot of daily profit.

The victim accepts the offer and within 2 weeks, the account is up from 250€ to 8000€ or something like that.

The victim is obviously curious. So they want to cash out their profit. On the other hand, the ‘senior account manager’ is saying that they need to send a fee which will cater for tax obligations before profits can be released.

The victim will send the fee and they can be scammed twice at this point. If they don’t, they will still get scammed the 250€ anyway.

The Conclusion

Pibexa is a scam broker and you should never waste your breath and investment thinking about the money you ‘could have made’.

Their advertising language is sweet because they are specifically targeting the financially vulnerable.

Thanks for reading this review. We hope you took note of the many red flags that we presented in this review.