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Phoenix Capital Group Energy Investment – Is it Real or a Scam?

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Welcome to the review of Phoenix Capital Group Energy Investment. This company takes your long-term financial stability very seriously. The company promises stability and peace of mind to its investors.

We have interviewed individuals from Phoenix Capital Group Energy Investment, and we found tht their location is real and the investment activities they engage in are also genuine. We researched their SEC filing and audited financials. After our extensive review and discussions with investors in the offerings, all signs point to this being a legitimate company and offering.

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With regards to Phoenix Capital Group Energy Investment, the company is audited and filed with the SEC and FINRA as a direct issuer agent with plans to be a brokerage due to their success.

It seems the company has worked with over 1,000 investors and has three offices in the United States. Phoenix Capital Group is invested in mineral rights and non-operated working interests around the country. The investment dollars in partnership with the company’s own capital go directly to oil and gas assets that they own and receive royalties from. This seems to be their core business.

The also offer a few different offerings from both Regulation A+ and Regulation D with different rates (8%, 9% or 11% APY), qualification requirements and maturities. You can find all of their SEC filings under name Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC. We have deemed this company a safe investment.

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  1. Please be careful, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Companies like this do file with the SEC so that they can do business. Then their sales pitch webinars, web pages, and brochures, etc., are going to be very “professional”. They ALL give reasons why they can afford to pay more than the market, such as hedging. And the high monthly earnings, even while the market is crashing sure is nice and appealing. It always sounds likes a win win, until the note matures and you ask for your principal back, and the company says, “sorry, but we’re having financial difficulties right now”, all the while continuing to take in money from additional investors. I.e. a ponzi scheme. Google “Bernard Madoff.”
    Be it known that I am NOT saying Phoenix Capital Group is like this, nor am I saying they are a ponzi scheme. They may very well be on the up and up, and I hope so for the sake of the current investors. I am only saying to do research on these types of investment firms that offer much more than the market does (currently 9% – 11%) with no risk of downside loss. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true…….
    And never invest more than you can afford to lose unless it is backed by the full faith and security of the American govt, i.e. FDIC etc.

    1. Your recommendation to do research is discreet, but I am not sure how I can do this. Phoenix Capital Group started in 2019. How can one discover if they have refused to return a customer’s capital at maturity? What are the safeguards for an investor who invests with this company?

      1. There are no safeguards because these bonds aren’t secured by anything, by no real assets. If the business is doing well in 3 years then you’ll get your money back, but if it isn’t then you won’t and you’ll lose it all. There is a reason why bonds like this are called junk bonds. If you aren’t an analyst in the distressed oil leasing business which is the business they are in ,how would you be able to have an informed opinion of how the business will be in 3 years ? Remember everyone thought you cant lose owning a casino but all the junk bond holders who financed the construction of Atlantic city casinos all lost their money .
        No co pays out a dime more than they have to ,to its lenders. If this co could go to banks and borrow money at 6 or 7 % interest they would . The fact that they have to pay 9 to 11% in order to get the funds they need to operate shows there is a good amount of risk involved . No one has a crystal ball. No one knows if the distressed oil leasing business in 3 years will doing great or if it’s doing poorly

        1. These are NOT junk bonds! Wow,the untruths that are allowed on here! It is untrue that their bonds are not secured by real assets. They are! This company purchases land for drilling oil and gas wells. No, I am not a company shill. Yes, I am an investor. I have read all of their filings with the SEC. I put my hard earned college and university education to use and pored over their operating statements and offering circular/prospectus and disected them in their entirety.
          They have 4x in assets what they have outstanding in obligations/debt and 10/1 in operating income.
          That said, it still is no guarantee, not FDIC insured…no investment is. Nothing, but death and taxes, is guaranteed.
          Nothing takes the place of you doing your own research and please be able to decipher the truth in well-meant, but wholly unprofessional advice.

    2. Typical liars. Lots of suckers out there. If it’s too good to be true . . . I’m very conservative and I stick with guaranteed conservative A rated bonds from chase or some truly honest financial institution. Rates will be going down by the end of the year and you can get a good return on these conservative bonds if you jump in now. You just can’t be greedy. Accept the conservative returns and you won’t get screwed

      1. Good morning, thank you very much for the information that you have provided. I am looking to secure some investments that I have. I am presently invested in the stock market, and I am not happy at all with the return. Ever since the Ukraine, Russia war started. The market has deteriorated quite a bit. Thankfully now it is returning a little bit, but that is only a small portion. I read your reviews and would like to find out more about Phoenix, Capital and Bonds. I am 74 years old and I have to be a bit conservative. According to what you said that chase bank, which I am a part of provides orange, am I correct to assume this? Thank you.

  2. It appears that there are 2 companies with the same name, but in different businesses.
    I have found 1 company named Phoenix Capital Group in the energy area and another with the same name in the trucking area. Are these 2 different companies or are they related. Thank you for your help.

    1. One is Phoenix Capital Group. They appear too be in the transportation industry.

      This is Phoenix Capital Group Holdings. They are in the Mineral and Energy sector.

  3. I recently bought a investment quality corporate bond from Vanguard at 8.4% for 5 years. Not guaranteed but safer to me. Why isn’t this company in the regular bond market?

    1. Scarlett Inge Barbee

      They choose to be private. Nothing wrong with that. No investments are guaranteed, but I prefer to not invest in the public offerings as they are incredibly volatile.

      I also don’t want to sit there and daily decide to hold on to something or sell.

      For me stocks and bonds are not real money. They only become real money once you sell-provided someone is interested in buying.

      Yes, I researched this company front to back before I invested. I get my interest like clockwork every month.

      Per offering circular, they will buy back up to 10% of outstanding bonds early per year. The cost is $50/$1,000 bond. If you have an emergency (death, illness, etc), they don’t even charge you that.

  4. I am not sure, if I want to invest into this company, do to the fact that their is not enough information about PCG. I been scam before, so make me think twice. so does anyone have any solid evidence besides what they read on the Internet??

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