Phoenix Capital Group Review: Energy Investment Scam?

This review discusses Phoenix Capital Group with the hindsight that investors could lose all their deposit in this type of investment scheme.

Once that happens, victims will be seeking to recover their funds here. But our advice is that you should not get involved in any investment scam in the first place.

Phoenix Capital Group is a company in the United States claiming to provide ‘reliable passive income’ to its consumers. It is supposedly paying 9% return every 12 months.

The minimum deposit that this company wants for your paticipation is $1000. It promises to pay investors 0.75% monthly returns.

The revenue is allegedly coming from investment in ‘energy assets’. Unfortunately, we doubt this company’s website and we would urge investors to exercise caution.

Is Phoenix Capital Group legit or a scam?

The bottom line is that something is quite suspicious about this company’s offering. Yes they are incorporated in the US but this does not mean much.

The company is allegedly doing business within SEC’s Regulation A+offering.

According to the SEC’s website, this is a regulation that allows public investment in private companies up to $50 million. Any figure that is above $50 million would therefore be considered illegal.

Now, by quoting this regulation, Phoenix Capital Group is hoping to convince investors that they are regulated and legally allowed to offer securities to members of the public.

The company is clearly in breach of the regulation since they claim that they are seeking to raise $75 million to allow faster acquisitions and faster deals.

Are your funds safe with Phoenix Capital Group?

Your funds may or may not be safe with this company. Other than breaching SEC’s regulation A+ requirements, the website appears to throw a few red flags here and there.

For example, they sound like an established company but if you look for reviews online, you will see that majority of the feedback is coming from the infamous TrustPilot reputation management platform.

Trustpilot is where shady companies generate fake positive reviews. The platform is described as the Mecca of fake product reviews because the owner simply charges a fee in exchange for positive reviews.

If you have a complaint against any company, your review can never make it to the light because this would lead to conflict of interest.

Also, we have seen that shady investment companies tend to use the platform because this is the only place they can be guaranteed of ‘positive reviews’.

Based on this observation, we cannot trust Phoenix Capital Group entirely. We need to see feedback from other places on the internet.

The conclusion

We would be wary of this company and its alleged SEC qualified A+ offering. Not only is it breaching regulations, but we have also not found evidence that they paid out the alleged $2.8 MM as claimed on the website.

We ask you to exercise caution when you come across such investment companies as there is a chance this will turn into a scam.

It is just a matter of time before all hell break lose. If they were offering legitimate securities to members of the public, we are sure that they would have simply applied for a license from the SEC rather than beating around the bush.

As a matter of fact, we do not see how different this offering is from other ponzi schemes on the internet.

If you have a different opinion, let us know in the comment section. But definitely there’s smoke and we believe a volcano will erupt very soon.