Pharaoh Academy FX Review

Pharaoh Academy FX is a new trading school registered in March 2020 with the intention of helping traders “achieve financial freedom” from Forex trading.

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The owner is called Edward J. Williams, who also claims to have traded for 9 years.

He delivers 4 to 7 Forex signals per day with an extremely high win rate.

Unfortunately, Edward does not verify the authenticity of his success rate.

Pharaoh Academy FX is also selling a collection of trading systems, mentorship and signals for a one time price of $797.

It is not known where Edward is based at. However, students can establish contact with him through his Instagram @fxpharaoh, Telegram and Facebook pages.

Is Pharaoh Academy FX legit?

The legitimacy of this trading school can be established based on Edward’s trading performance and reviews (if any).

Edward of Pharaoh Academy FX says his trading has a weekly success rate of 93% and 85% on a bad week.

Pharaoh Academy FX review
Pharaoh Academy FX

This win rate is very high and as traders contemplate to use the services of this trading school, one question they should ask themselves is whether the numbers are making sense.

The following is a list of courses, mentorship and trading systems offered by Pharaoh Academy FX:

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1.Eye of Horus Trading system $49

2. Personal VIP Forex signals $49

3.Beginner and Mastery Forex course $197

4. Diamond Facebook Group $29

5. Personal mentorship $797

6.Pip bounty hunter indicator $12.95

7. Signature Trade Blueprint $4.99

8. Secret System and Mastery Blueprint $49.99

The indicators that Edward sells on his Pharaoh Academy FX website are not backed by any meaningful explanation.

The only thing that Edward has done is to accompany those products with a couple of images.

The diamond Facebook Group is a community of traders and also a place where Forex tips and signals are shared.

Also, there are products that come with bonuses here. If you purchase his course on “how to consistently gain profits from the market on a daily basis”, you will be entitled to these free bonuses.

Again, Edward has only provided a couple of “student results” and nothing substantial.

Should you pay Pharaoh Academy FX to learn trading?

No you shouldn’t pay Edward for anything.

A professional trader must prove his experience to be taken seriously.

Edward does not even have a account yet he claims to have been in the game for 9 years.

His numbers are basically for advertising purposes.


Pharaoh Academy FX’s presentation is mediocre at best and I do not think any trader will be subscribing for his products.

Edward needs to pull up his socks to compete with the market fairly.

Otherwise, I still insist that there are better trading schools for people who are serious about trading.

Check one of our recommended trading schools here.

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