PFH Markets Review: Another Scam Broker Ready to Steal

Guys, PFH Markets will steal your funds since they operate their business from the UK but have no valid FCA license. The only thing they have is a charming website with an “Open Live account” button.

This review is 100% honest because I care about my audience who also happen to be investors and traders looking for legitimate trading and investing services on the internet. 

PFH Markets is operating from the domain which surfaced on the internet just 1 year ago. Given the minimum deposit which they’re requesting, I am of the opinion that trusting this broker could be extremely risky.

They’re currently luring traders using attractive spreads and execution policy where they promise no rejection of orders. They also tell us that 99.35% of all orders are executed in less than a second. But they are not telling us how they are able to achieve such high standards when the simplest things like a financial license is missing.

PFH Markets Review: The bad side is all there is

Given my experience with Forex brokers, I know that some financial companies are out to make you lose money so that they can make money.

These are called market makers and it seems that PFH Markets is just one of the many market makers operating out of the UK.

This is why you will see leverage up to 1:1000. Leverage of this kind is detrimental to your account as one trade gone wrong will always result in half of your account gone.

If you see a Forex broker luring you with this kind of leverage, it is better to ran away as chances are that they want you to be an irrisponsible trader who will easily donate money to them.

PFH Markets gives no assurance that they’ll route trades into the Forex market. There are very few brokers who do this by the way and PFHmarkets can’t be one of them.

And there is also no way an unregulated Forex broker can offer reasonable spreads as this is one of the main avenues for stealing your money.

It is easier to accumulate wealth by hiking spreads and playing with your trades than living the demand and supply forces to play in your favor.

So even if you have a wonderful trading strategy like this one, you will never be a consistently profitable trader.

Do you see how the scamming part is coming in?

Customer reviews of PFH Markets

Well, even customer reviews of PFH Markets are hard to come by. I have not seen a single client feedback regarding the quality of services that this Forex broker offers.

This simply means that these people do not have any clients yet. If they do, I would question why these clients are not leaving any feedback.

It would be wise to trade elsewhere and not rely on an unlicensed Forex broker.

The conclusion

This broker scores really poorly in their trust rating. They’re unable to persuade me to rely on their services because the few brokers I use on the internet are actually going beyond reasonable doubt to prove that they’re legitimate.

In short, PFHMarkets is potentially a scam. Keep off.