Perfect Choice Trade Review: Avoid Scam (Recover Your Money)

Perfect Choice Trade is yet another false CFDs broker that intends to scam traders by lying that they’re regulated in Malta by the MFSA. We know that they’ve stolen from lots of people, which is why we’re appealing to you to RECOVER YOUR MONEY HERE. If you can take the loot back from the scammer, there will one less scammer on the internet.

The domain (which is where they host the scam) is the subject of many complaints and disappointments as the scammers have managed to convince a lot of people to fall into their trap. This is clearly not trading or investing….. we urge you to use these trading tools if you want real investing in the financial markets.

Note: Beware of Sprint Option Trade is a product of PerfectChoiceTrade.

Perfect Choice Trade is also claiming to invest in ‘mining’. In fact, they call themselves ‘regulated mining broker’. We do not know what this is supposed to mean because there’s nothing like a regulated mining broker. places a minimum deposit requirement of $500. This means victims must risk at least $500 to try out the service which seems to be very pursuading at first.

Who are

They are scam artists who are probably based out of Europe and are trying to lie to people that they are a broker and a mining platform.

They are also proclaiming 7 years of experience but their website is only 5 months old. We do not see how we can trust a broker that does not implement transparency.

The scam is also suggesting that they are recognized by the FCA, Italian Consob, Bafin of Germany and other European regulators.

Unfortunately, Perfect Choice Trade is not recognized by these financial watchdogs. Do not be convinced by these lies.

And we also do not know what company is behind the broker or what people are responsible for running this illegal operation.

How Perfect Choice Trade convinces people

One can hardly suspect that the website is a scam. They provide a video that teaches people what Bitcoin is, and overall their website looks very professional.

They provide details of their trading accounts such as cost of spreads and even claim that they are members of investor compensation scheme where every client is insured with up to €20,000.

Perfect Choice Trade has also posted a number of fake video testimonials on their website to give the impression that they are a legit broker.

Furthermore, there are pop ups on their website announcing that someone has just earned money on the Perfect Choice Trade website.

All of these things they do on their website are tricks that are designed to fool you.

The scam will always collect your phone number for purposes of calling you and pursuading you to deposit money into the platform.

If you deposit the money, they will fool you by crediting fake returns on your dashboard. These returns will supposedly come from ‘mining’.

An attempt to withdraw your profits will be met with a request to ‘pay taxes’ or other execuses that will make it hard for you to get your money back.

If you do not comply with the scammers, they block your account or refuse to answer your emails.

The Conclusion is a clever scam just like Bank of Lunar (which lied that it’s licensed in Malta). The broker aka mining platform is designed to steal your money using very clever means.

We ask you to avoid such brokers at all cost because they are neither recognized by serious traders nor regulatory agencies. Thank you for reading.