Passive Money Investing Club Review: It’s a Scam read this (

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Passive Money Investing Club aka PMIC runs a dubious prop firm and investment site at

Passive Money Investing Club is asking investors to transfer between €1,000 to €5,000 to the company in exchange for a monthly ROI.

Investors are told that the company will give them between 1%-25% average monthly returns after deducting account management fees.

Additionally, the company guarantees success and encourages those with no prior trading knowledge to get in.

The scam is obviously targeting new but gullible people on the internet by promising them bogus account funding and asset management services.

The problem with is that what they’re selling is an illusion.

The “free account funding” business model is a sham by itself.

What to do if you have been scammed by Passive Money Investing Club (PMIC)

When you sign up for the bogus investing or trading service, the company will offer you “free training”, access to a discord community, “funding” or just investing to “earn passive income”.

They tell you that the company is investing your money in the Forex and Gold market and you all you have to do is ‘Invest” the minimum deposit.

These folks are clever salespeople working in a boiler-room kind of environment. They’re going to be pushy and convincing.

As a result, majority of those who deposit money into this corny website end up adding more money into their accounts, hence greater losses.

This is purely due to greed and temptation of wanting to earn more money.

The usual “request for withdrawal” action never works. In fact, will ignore these requests if they can’t get more money from your pocket.

The solution a claims management company with a reputation of helping victims recover lost funds from scammers can help you.

What if is truly paying and people have evidence of payouts?

We noted that these guys are talking about trading and promising monthly ROI but no evidence of their trading activities have been presented.

And as long as trading is not happening but some people are getting payouts from Passive Money Investing Club, the scam will continue to lie to people.

This kind of setup is known as a ponzi scheme.

The only way that this website will pay some people is through collecting new deposits.

There’s no telling when these deposits will cease coming through.

There’s no telling whether you will be lucky to get paid or even recoup your initial investment.

Whatever the case, one thing is clear: you will at some point need a claims management company to help you get funds out of this corny website.

Why Passive Money Investing Club ( is a scam

The reason you should keep off is because the company is unable to answer the following straight-forward questions:

1) Who runs the website and why do they choose anonymity over transparency?

2)Who provides the millions and why do they need a whooping €2,500 upfront before they can “give you” the millions for trading?

3)Who is the broker involved?

4)Are there real people who have benefited from this service?

5)Where’s the evidence of successful trading or funding of traders?

The folks running the Passive Money Investing Club would like you to be ignorant. They want you to trust them blindly and not ask them any questions.

Of course scammers are well-trained to spot the financially unsophisticated and engage the victim accordingly.

This is how Passive Money Investing Club is seamingly recruiting victims into their scam and taking their money.

Last advice on scam

Before we recap on the points above, we’d like to ask you to share this information widely.

Your comments can help spread the news faster.

If these guys are legitimate, they should provide answers to the questions we posed above.

The most critical question should be why they don’t have verifiable proof of their trading.

We know that the faceless scammers running Passive Money Investing Club are cowards and not willing to face it here.

But of course our lines are open. If you’re the owner of this shady investment scheme, please reach out to us if you believe we’re wrong.

Please note: your money may not be gone and this is how you can claim it if you have had a bad experience with

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