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Pandemic Relief Investment Review

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Welcome to the Pandemic Relief Investment review. Pandemic Relief Investment is basically a cheap Bitcoin scam.

This illegal investment service is allegedly owned and operated by PANDEMIC VENTURES LTD.

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The website was founded in April 2020 but according to their promotion materials, this website is alleged to have existed since 2019.

We know that all of this is a big fat lie. Actually, Pandemic Relief Investment works in a similar way to a scam like

If you want to know how they intend to rob you, go through this review quickly so you may not fall a victim.

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Pandemic Relief Investment review

Promotion materials on this website claim that they’re a revolutionary online trading platform.

They “guarantee” hourly fixed return and profit of up to 5,000%. This is definitely not trading.

Pandemic Relief Investment review

With trading, there’s no getting rich overnight. Only scams can promise this kind of thing on the internet.

Their claim to fame is that Pandemic Relief Investment is trading Crypto on behalf of its investors.

The name of the website shows that the scammers behind it are actually taking advantage of the Corona virus pandemic to lure desperate investors during this financially difficult period.

With their supposed automated trading system, one can easily reap profits even in their sleep. It works almost like a time machine. You are just required to transfer Bitcoin from your wallet to theirs.

Once you do this, the Pandemic Relief Investment will actually start to generate money for you. You can also do automatic withdrawals.

The investment plans

There are 4 different “investment” plans peddled by the anonymous operator of Pandemic Relief Investment.

The first package promises to multiply your deposit by 5. Deposits can even be multiplied by 50 in 30 days.

Now, this is what we call lies. How can trading of Crypto produce this much in such a short time.

Even hedge funds don’t produce this kind of ROI because even with their best trading tools, they still can’t make this return.

Even if you’ve never been scammed before, you should know that this is the first red flag.

There’s no way you can become rich overnight using a website like Pandemic Relief Investment because honestly, they’re neither trading with your money or doing anything that can generate returns.

Pandemic Relief Investment review: Not regulated

They have said on their website that this investment scheme is operating from London.

All investment schemes or financial services that operate in the UK must be registered by the FCA, no exception.

Ask them about their FCA license and you’ll never get a response. This is the kind of scam that does not waste time on clever would-be victims, so expect to be ignored.

It is always risky to transfer money to these pyramid schemes because at the end of the day, the owners are the sole beneficiaries of whatever the financially unsophisticated send them.

Even if they claim to mine Bitcoin in the cloud, the fact of the matter is that they should be running this business with a valid FCA license. So far, they don’t have any.


Pandemic Relief Investment is a laughable scam. You can clearly see that they’re neither trading nor mining.

Someone who is a professional trader must have a track record of his trades but this website does not have any.

Mining of Bitcoin is no longer profitable nowadays. You cannot achieve profits in a significant way if you choose this direction.

This leaves us with a scam that rides on the ignorance of a victim. Stay away from this illegitimate money minting hoax.

Thanks for reading this Pandemic Relief Investment review. We look forward to your feedback.

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