P8FX Trading Review – Avoid this Scam (p8fxtrading.com)

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Thank you for reading the P8FX Trading review. P8FX Trading is a trading school operated from the web address p8fxtrading.com.

The company is selling trading and investment courses in Crypto, Forex and Stocks. It is run by Priyesh Dusara and a team of other people.

Mr. Priyesh Dusara purports to be a successful trader with 10 years of trading and investing experience. He wants to teach you the secret to trading and investing.

Marketing literature on this website proclaims that Priyesh Dusara is specialized in risk management, mindset and emotional behavior.

The company offers 5 education and investing plans. They are as follows:

  1. Crypto Course….. £1000
  2. Trading Course…..£2000
  3. Investing Course……£2,500
  4. Charts and Analysis…… £120 monthly
  5. Stock picks……. £29 monthly

The owner of p8fxtrading.com is charging thousands of dollars selling trading and investing courses but the question is whether this trading school is worth it or not.

P8FX Trading review: Is p8fxtrading.com legit or scam?

The company is marketing itself as a ‘professional trading and investment education’ platform. In fact, the website states that they’re an ‘accredited’ trading educator.

Students who want to learn the ‘secret of trading’ can book a call directly from the official website.

Now, the entity that gave the vendor this ”accreditation” isn’t known. In addition to this, someone charging hundreds of dollars to teach you technical and fundamental analysis is definitely a scam.

You can find this information free of charge on the internet. The only reason that the owner of P8FX Trading is cashing it on the financially illiterate is because his marketing strategy is top-notch. He makes people believe that he has the secret of successful trading. Therefore, suckers automatically pay.

The website relies on ‘positive testimonials’ from the infamous Trustpilot platform. These 5 star reviews have also found their way into the p8fxtrading.com website.

There is always a constant stream of new folks glorifying P8FX Trading and painting a picture of how good this trading school is. One such folk claimed that it is worth spending every penny on this education.

These positive reviews of P8FX Trading cover every possible scenario…. from people who have been trading 15 years ago and have now found the ‘holy grail’ to people who are just happy with the material.

The P8FXtrading would look like the ideal trading school, thanks to the heaps of praises on Priyesh Dusara and his trading school.

P8FXTrading Review: Many more positive reviews

Fake reputation management companies like TrustPilot are literally filled up with ‘excellent ratings’ of how Priyesh Dusara is a trading guru. This guy practices what he preaches…. claims one folk.

However, before you can believe all the BS, you need to remember that this TrustPilot thing is a pay to play marketing platform. If you are a vendor, you simply pay them thousands of dollars yearly in order to delete negative reviews and mysteriously post positive reviews.

Any negative review will be immediately flagged by the Trustpilot team. Once they have your money, they give you a profile that you can manage as you wish.

One thing that many users don’t know is that this fake reputation management company is always creating an enabling environment for scammers to accomplish their jobs.

Some of the scammers pitching tent here like mushroom on cow poop have subsequently been investigated by the relevant financial regulators, yet their Trustpilot profiles heaped praises on them, telling people how good the companies are.

P8FXTrading Review: Selling an illusion

Truth is that the sales pitch and process is ultra-slick. Students are presented with a call booking facility where they can have a quick introduction with the owner of the trading school.

The whole point of this phone call bookings is to ultimately convince the sucker that Mr. Priyesh Dusara is a successful trader with many years of experience.

He would then pitch you his 1,000 EUR course or the more expensive package.

Suckers believe that they will attain knowledge that is not found elsewhere.

Are there any successful students who have passed through P8FX Trading? We haven’t come across one. Is the owner of this trading school a profitable trader?

We can’t verify this as no evidence has been presented to suggest that he even holds a live trading account.

The Conclusion of P8FX Trading Review

The scam artist will sell you a trading course but he cannot make any one successful trade. We know it is hard to believe this due to the pomp and glam suggested on the trading educator’s website. However, the truth is that this guy has no performance results to show his students.

Thanks for reading this review. Beware of such scams. If you have lost money in these kinds of dealings, you can consider filing a chargeback.

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  1. Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..
  2. James

    I have nothing but positive things to say about P8fx . It really is a first class education platform .

    I was scammed by one of the biggest providers out there .
    whereas p8fx is completely different.
    All the classes are held on zoom . I have done the main course about a hundred times to re-enforce the basics . I have also done 3 addons which have transformed my trading.

    The best thing about p8fx is that you can watch any of the lessons on the portal . So if I miss a lesson I can just catch up after work.

    I am shocked by your opinion of this education establishment. As there are at least 200 full time/ extremely competent traders to come out of this academy.
    P8fx is very different to most other trading organisations because they dont offer signals . You are taught an equal mix of fundamentals / emotional control and market awareness.
    There is a free telegram group and a host of free videos on you tube.
    One particuar video about Priyesh making 35k in a month. If you look at the gold chart and understand the lot size and leverage he was using he really nailed that trade.

    I would encourage any one to join p8fx .
    If your looking for cheat signals though , dont bother . As with all education …you have to put in the hard yards.

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