Opulenceuk Review: Forex Trading School in UK a Scam?

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Opulenceuk.com is a Forex trading school touting knowledge, power and success.

This Forex trading school has supposedly registered over 3,000 students, thanks to their alleged 10 years of experience.

Opulence UK currently offers 3 in-house built Forex courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced traders.

Analysts with 10+ years of experience offer on-going to support so that clients can master all areas of Forex trading.

Support is offered through Whatsapp, Telegram, phone calls and mentoring. Their about us page claims that Opulence UK is offering their trading education services through Daniel (an FX analyst and mentor) and Thomas (communications manager).

Opulenceuk review

It appears that this trading school is operated by these two guys.

The domain Opulenceuk.com was registered in July 2016. There’s no way to prove that the people who manage Opulence UK have 10 years of trading experience.

We don’t know their trading or professional background for that matter. In addition to this, it’s not clear whether Opulence UK is a registered company in the UK.

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Nonetheless, we shall review OpulenceUK  based on the information that’s available and of course we’ll seek to know whether “Daniel” has a significant exposure to the Forex market as claimed on the sales page.

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OpulenceUK Review

A Forex trading school like Opulence UK has a neat and minimalist website that lets you know what the vendor is offering right off the but.

However, their website gives the impression that the people in charge don’t have sufficient trading experience to teach strategies that can truly generate returns.

If this was not the case, we believe OpulenceUK would be doing more than just presenting a beautiful website and using persuasive marketing statements to attract clients.

We would be analyzing the company’s trading performance and even knowing whether Daniel or Thomas are trading a live account.

All in all, the vendor is using free trial to let traders test their quality of technical analysis.

The advantage is that we don’t have to pay a penny in order to access technical analysis materials from OpulenceUK.

The bad news is that Opulence UK is expecting traders to deposit at least $300 with their recommended brokers in order to be allowed access to this material.

This means that traders must open a live account with a broker they never chose. But if they want to use their own broker, the firm insists that such clients must choose one of their paid signal plans.

We’ve provided a list of the products/services offered by Opulence UK below.

[tabs][tab title=”Silver €300 deposit”]Unlimited trading signals

Daily FX news updates

Free FX beginner course

24/7 support and mentoring

5% discount on additional Forex trading courses

[/tab] [tab title=”Gold €500 deposit”]

Daily FX news updates

Free FX beginner course

24/7 support and mentoring

10% discount on additional Forex trading courses

[/tab] [tab title=”Platinum €800″]

Daily FX news updates

Free FX beginner course

24/7 support and mentoring

15% discount on additional Forex trading courses


If traders feel uncomfortable going this way, they can instead opt for the company’s paid signals plan.

This seems to be the cheapest way to pay for the services offered by Opulence UK because one month’s subscription costs €29.99.

3 months of subscription cost €49.99 and a 6 month duration of subscription will go for €84.99. If those options don’t seem viable, traders can opt for the lifetime signal plan which costs €199.99.

The signal plans are very cheap, and one wonders whether trading signals that truly make money can sell for a couple of euros a month.

Either way, OpulenceUK will have a tough time convincing the informed trader as to why their signals are cheap and what they intend to gain if they opt to risk their hard-earned money on a real account.

Opulence UK Review: Trading performance

Nowhere on the official website did the vendor provide details of their trading results.

One wonders whether these folks hold any live trading account from where they can actually demonstrate that they’re making money trading the financial markets.

Can Daniel provide a redacted trading statement from one of their “live accounts”?

We doubt if this will ever happen.

The reason for our doubt is that it would have been easier for them to leave a myfxbook.com link on their website assuming they were trading a live account.

We’re sorry but this is the truth.

These guys are not trading yet they’re teaching a strategy which has not been demonstrated to make any money.


At first, OpulenceUK comes across as a good Forex trading school in the UK. But when we dig deeper, we come to the realization that these guys can’t demonstrate what they teach on a live account.

Bottom line is that Opulence UK does not a track record of successful trading. What they provide can probably be found on the internet for free.

We don’t see how this trading school is going to help the average struggling trader make it in the world of Forex trading.

They’re following the route of TheoTrade, Bizintra, Trade like the Banks etc.

We won’t recommend Opulence UK at this time. Thanks for reading the OpulenceUK review.

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