Optiontraders24 Review: Is Option Traders24 Scam?

Optiontraders24.com is purporting to be a certified investment company operating from the UK.

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Their “investment” plans start at $500. The site wants you to sign up, deposit this amount and “watch your profit grow”.

Option Traders24 also has a whatsapp support number at +13156794505.

However, if traders wish to speak with them on email, they can contact them directly on their website.

Is OptionTraders24 legit?

No, this website is not legit. If they’re based in the UK, they should have an FCA license.

The site is only trying to sound legit to make you place their minimum deposit which is $500.

Once you transfer this amount, they will keep it and probably ask for a “release fee” to get your money.

Option traders24 review

This is a very common scam on the internet and most of them claim to be based in the UK.

Option Traders24 also claims that they’re the most popular investment destination considering that they’ve got “reviews” from “real users” on the internet.

Well, the only “reviews” we saw was from Trustpilot, a fake reviews and reputation management hub mostly used by dubious internet marketers.

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For that reason, we cannot trust OptionTraders24 because it’s clearly a scam.

They’re not trading the financial markets. They’re basically keeping the money you’re sending them.

Can you recover lost money from Option Traders24 scam?

Yes it is possible to recover lost funds from scammers of this nature.

Obviously Option Traders24 will ignore your emails and whatsapp texts the moment they receive your money.

The best approach would be to ask these folks to help you out.

They’ve helped many victims recover their lost funds in the past.


Don’t think that OptionTraders24 is a legit site for investing any money.

That is why the owners are anonymous and the red flags are all over the face of this website.

Thanks for reading our review.

One Response to Optiontraders24 Review: Is Option Traders24 Scam?

  1. Alain Da Silva Lohals says:

    This company is now working under the name ctradingglobal.com

    same scheme. they did not even change there name in the About us page

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