Options Money Maker Review: Scam by Mark Dannenberg

Welcome to the Options Money Maker review. OptionsMoneyMaker.com is a futures and options trading education website.

OptionsMoneyMaker.com was registered in March 2011 by Mark Dannenberg who claims to be a “futures and options trading expert for 30 years”.

Mark Dannenberg is also the publisher behind Amazon’s best selling book called “The Art of Trading, More Profits in Less Time”.

Options Money Maker provides the following services:

  • Profit Builder Plus ……$597
  • Live Trading room….. $397/monthly

The Profit Builder Plus trading course covers chart analysis, consensus of signals, positions, email support and twice a month live Q&A sessions.

In addition to this, the owner of Options Money Maker claims to provide 8 hours of instructions on long options, debit spreads, credit spreads, Straddles/strangles, Iron condors and Stochastic.

options money maker review

According to Mark Dannenberg, Stochastic is supposed to be “the most profitable technical analysis signal” that his students can use.

On the other hand, the Live Trading room is about watching these dudes review charts, entry and exit logic.

If traders don’t want to pay on a monthly basis, they can as well access the live trading room for $117 per week.

Note: If you want to trade professionally, use professional trading products and services. Avoid anyone that claims they made $$$ amount of dollars in X minutes.

Is Options Money Maker legit?

No, this trading education website is not legitimate.

To be honest, Mark Dannenberg is yet another fake trading guru with unverified track record of performance.

His supposed 30 years of trading is a claim that cannot be verified with any trading performance even for the last one month only.

This dude is basically selling his trading course and strategies based on phony performance claims.

There are multiple complaints from students who got suckered because they never received the promised refund.

The clowns that run this entire scheme are basically fraudsters who have mastered creative marketing.

Mark runs the trading education website together with a bunch of other supposedly experienced traders.

A closer look into their trading backgrounds can easily reveal that these people are Top-tier carnival barkers.

Their intention is to make money by selling trading strategies and a live chatroom. Are these services effective? If yes, many people would be happy with this service.

They claim to trade live. However, this is not the case because the trading room is basically an opportunity to upsell OptionsMoneyMaker.com’s profit builder plus course.

The website has also provided multiple phony testimonials to sell this service to the financially desperate.

Some imaginary student even claims they made $2600 in 4 minutes, 27 seconds using Mark Dannenberg’s strategies.

This website is basically an investment education scam!


I don’t get surprised when I occasionally bump into futures and options trading conmen with zero track record of performance.

The most irritating thing is that these carnival barkers will go to any lengths to sell investment puffery based on phony testimonials and trading performance.

They obviously don’t make money by trading futures and options. If this was the case, there would be no reason to justify the aggressive promotion using fake testimonials.

They don’t mention any losses by the way. This is because the main focus is to hustle the victim with the most money and zero trading skill.

Thanks for reading this review. I hope you and anybody else you know won’t become a victim of this get-rich-quick investment education fraud.

  • Yup, I was a live room subscriber for over 2 years before I ‘got wise’ and realized they were scheming!

    Their entire trading strategy in the live room was based around this VERY expensive ($5,000), third party indicator called AbleTrend which lead live room guru swore was “the best indicator he’s seen and used in all his 30 years of trading”.

    Then, out of the blue, with NO warning, they had nixed Able and replaced it with this entirely NEW indicator. When I pressed them for an explanation as to WHY they decided Able (which hey swore by) was swapped out with this new indicator, I couldn’t get a straight answer.

    I directly asked Mark…

    “since you swapped Able out for this other indicator, you must have determined the NEW one has a better ‘edge’ than Able does, so I ask you…WHAT IS THAT EDGE?”

    I NEVER did/could get a straight answer outta him. It was there, that I started to get uneasy about him and his operations.

    THEN, one afternoon after the trading day, and unbeknownst to them, the live room guru left his hot mic on, not knowing. And I overheard him making a phone call to Mark!

    They were having a discussion on how to come up with a new strategy, because the options market was slow and they needed to come up with something else, as they didn’t feel subscribers were gonna want to continue to pay $400 per month with markets and live room so slow.

    Then, several weeks later, they introduced and pushed VERY aggressively trading futures contracts which had nothing to do with options trading strategies.

    So they should have renamed the business “Futures Money Maker” since from that point forward there was very little options trading going on in the live room at all. That was very disappointing since that’s what I signed up for!

    Anyway, not long after that, I felt it was time to stop giving them my hard earned money and get the hell outta there!