Optimux24.com Review: Is this Forex Broker a SCAM?

Optimux24 Markets (SV) Ltd is the company that runs a Forex and CFDs brokerage called Optimux24.com. The website is incorporated in St. Vincent & the Grenadines location which is an offshore location with no strong licensing oversight. Furthermore, the broker is registered under a shell company known as HF Markets Group of companies.They further claim that Optimux 24’s brokerage services are provided by TD Ameritrade Inc. TD Ameritrade Inc is an American company registered by the FINRA and is a subsidiary of Charles Schwab Corporation.

These stories seem to have been made up to make Optimux24.com look credible as there is no way the entities above can partner with an offshore Forex brokerage as they risk their license getting revoked.

If you want reliable trading and investing services that will give you peace of mind as you generate wealth, these options will be the best for you.

That said, this review of Optimux24 Forex broker will help you make a decision because in as much as this broker is touting the best offers to potential clients, there’s a risk of clients getting a raw deal or even getting scammed altogether.

Optimux24 Review: The Forex broker with many offers

There are several account types on their website and these accounts offer various attractive features which every trader in the world would want.

The broker is claiming to refund bad trades within the first 60 minutes. They’re claiming to offer raw spreads in their VIP account. In addition to this, their marketing materials claim that Optimux 24 will provide risk consultations as well as webinars that provide secrets for spotting hidden opportunities.

Traders wanting to use the services of Optimux24 are however required to pay a small monthly fee in order to gain access to some or all of these features.

The fees start at $24.95 monthly and up to $49.95 monthly. However, it seems that this broker is actually adding unnecessary features and charging to access those benefits even if they will be unhelpful to professional traders.

In addition to that, the broker’s minimum deposit is $300. This is literally a Forex broker that wants to acquire large deposits upfront rather than waiting for the trader to feel safe enough to deposit $300 or more.

Will Optimux 24 really honor their promise?

Optimux24 is actually not a well-known broker

I’ve tried to look at their background but did not find anything meaningful that would help with boosting the trust ratings of the company.

First of all, they are not licensed. What they’re stating on their website is actually contrary to what we know as the truth. So this is the first disqualifying factor that makes them unreliable like PFH Markets, Rakuten Securities of Australia and IPrime Capital.

Another observation that we’ve made is that this broker is actually not famous. It appears they do not have any clients just yet, despite claiming that some of their clients love to go for the big deposit trading account.

I’m looking at the date of the Optimux24.com domain registeration and finding that the website was actually registered sometime in August 2021.

This shows that the business is still new. Getting to trust them would be next to impossible at this time.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is that you may have a bad experience with this broker, seeing that they don’t have any reviews or trust ratings yet.

Their numerous promotions are meant to woodwink unsuspecting victims into signing up and depositing $300. These tactics are well-known and are now failing because the modern trader is well informed.

That said, we warn you to stay away from Optimux 24 at least for now.