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Onemilliontrading Review: JOSHUA VANG Binary Options

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Welcome to the Onemilliontrading review. is owned and operated by Joshua Vang.

Joshua Vang is claiming to be a successful binary options trader at Nadex. He also proclaimed that in 2014, he made 10k profit trading stocks.

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He is currently offering two investment packages namely educational and shadow packages respectively.

Educational package costs $59.99 while shadow package costs $79.99 respectively.

In the educational package, Mr. Joshua Wang provides training videos, his Nadex strategy, live trading videos and downloadable PDF.

The shadow trading package involves copy trading Mr.Joshua’s Nadex trades. In addition to this, subscribers are given access to a private group chat, future content and plans.

And of course there is a free course that just talks about Nadex brokerage.

Note: We don’t know of any trader who became successful gambling binary options. But of course there are many successful ones who traded the financial markets using these products and services.

Is onemilliontrading legit? was registered in November 2018. Nothing much can be found about Joshua Wang outside the promotion materials on his website.

No verifiable track record or performance has been disclosed either.

However, Mr. Joshua of One Million Trading continues to sell and teach people who want to become “successful” in trading binary options.


There is no sense here. A trading mentor must demonstrate his abilities to implement his strategies and how he makes money from a live account.

However, what we see on the One million Trading website is just a far cry. Trading on a simulator for 5 minutes does not constitute a track record of successful trading.

These perennial binary options scammers cannot make you a successful trader if they are not successful in trading.

What they can probably teach you is how to setup a website that makes ridiculous profit claims.

There is nothing much to discuss or see on this website. We do not believe that Mr. Joshua is a successful and profitable trader.

If this observation was incorrect, do you think he would be giving out his million dollar strategy for $79.99?

It is not likely. Instead, he would be locked up somewhere in a private apartment making millions from his trades rather than begging people to sign up for membership.


One Million Trading is yet another ruse in the binary options trading involving Nadex.

Nadex is a licensed binary options brokerage in the US and there are many phony marketers that use it to deceive the financially illiterate.

To this effect, we would want to see Mr.Wang’s track record for his copy or shadow trades.

Even a 1 month redacted trading statement would solve the problem.

We know most bozos don’t like being asked their track record.

So it’s just a matter of time before we hear from Mr. Wang or he may decide to ignore this review.

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