Ninja Scalper Review: EA for MT4 a Scam!

Our internet search leads us to the Ninja Scalper EA for MetaTrader 4 platform.

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The vendor says that Ninja Scalper EA has “20 years of consistent results” and has gained “5/5 rating” from satisfied users.

They want us to buy the EA now in order to automate our profits.

All we know is that a good trading product or service will definitely sell even without all the wording.

The vendor of this Forex robot is called Bruno Souza. Mr. Souza is an MQL5 software developer with more than 5 years of development experience.

He has a couple of other automated trading systems which include “Make your own EA set files” and the Samurai Scalper Pro.

ninja scalper ea review

We can reach Mr. Souza using his professional contact email at or using his MQL5 profile.

Today we want to see what he can create for the last 5 years of developing trading software.

Ninja Scalper EA Review

The website of this vendor does not necessarily appeal to the eye but what I’m mostly interested in is the quality of the EA.

There is a section that highlights features of the Ninja Scalper expert advisor as well as trading strategy.

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This section also provides screenshots of backtesting results which span between 1999 and 2019.

The vendor believes that we can rely on this trading sample to gauge the quality of this item.

Other features of the EA which they’ve listed for us include risk management, lot management, swap recovery, flexibility, FIFO rules compatibility and dedicated support.

The swap recovery feature is of interest because the developer claims he factored swap commission into the algorithm so as not to leave trades in a loss.

Also, they want us to know that the Ninja Scalper EA can be used with an account balance of $50 only.

Trading Strategy of the Ninja Scalper EA

This software was specifically created to scalp the EURUSD Forex pair on the 5 minute timeframe.

It utilizes the MACD indicator in addition to trend indicators to determine entry and exit points.

The developer says numerous tests have been conducted on the trading strategy and that data was pulled from several brokers.

They’re actually talking of their 20 years backtest but forgetting to explain why they believe that a combination of MACD with trend indicators will actually automate our profits.

The strategy of this robot is therefore not very clear as we can’t find any reasons to believe there’s an edge here.


There are 4 types of licenses. Traders can pay $30monthly, $50 quarterly or $100 bi-annually.

If they would like the lifetime license, they will get this for $149.

Keep in mind the vendor’s Telegram group is only accessible with the lifetime license.

The monthly and quarterly license does not come with updates, which we feel is quite unfair.

The bi-annual license has 2 updates only while the lifetime license has unlimited updates.

This is definitely a weird style of selling a Forex EA since most developers will opt to provide updates regardless of the plan that clients choose.

Trading performance

The Ninja Scalper EA has an active myfxbook demo account with a gain of +16.48%.

Track record has not been verified which opens the account to all kinds of manipulation.

Furthermore, Mr. Sauzo is not comfortable with people seeing some of the important parameters of this account, hence the padlock signs.

While monthly return is only 2%, drawdown is a whooping 30%.

This is clearly what we can term as poor trading results.


I do not find any compelling reasons why I should subscribe or even recommend the Ninja Scalper EA to our readers.

The vendor lacks confidence in his strategy hence the reason he is using a demo account.

This EA does not sound like something that will give you an edge in the Forex market.

Thanks for reading.

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