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Nimbus Platform is claiming to provide a crowdfunding opportunity for investors interested in Fintech.

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The website also claims that they can give financial incentives through their “standalone applications”. does not disclose ownership information which is a worrying thing to discover.

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Anyway, the Nimbus Platform website is very new as it was created in March 2020.

The company is currently marketing its services through ads on the internet and hoping to attract as many participants as possible.

Nimbus Platform review

We have found out that the company “CEO” is known as Andrea Zanon and the website is basically operating in the Cryptocurrency MLM space since they claim to leverage on blockchain technology for safeguarding member information and also for financial incentives.

Zanon claims in a marketing video that “global financial executive” with 2 decades of experience.

Additionally, he claims that his roots is from Italy. His current location cannot be established just yet because this guy has been traveling from the US to Middle East and Latin America.

Another thing to note is that the website of Nimbus Platform is providing a physical address where they suggest that the company is headquartered in Malta.

Upon investigating the said address, we found that it was incomplete.

This probably means that their link with Malta has to be something related to a shell company that is probably responsible for collecting money from participants.

With Andrea Zanon claiming to be an executive and a marketing video directly linking him to this venture, I can safely conclude that this is probably the first multi-level marketing opportunity that he ever got involved with.

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Nimbus Platform Review: Is it legitimate Fintech Investing?

To answer this question, we need to look at the products and services of this company.

The only thing we know at the moment is that they do not have any product or service which can be sold to generate revenue for members.

That is why fits the description of an MLM or even a ponzi scheme.

Their modas operandi is similar to that of Bitnamix scam where investors are told to deposit funds in exchange for a daily ROI.

Currently, this website wants investors to deposit the following amounts of money:

  • $350-$1000 to get 0.25% daily ROI
  • $1001-$5000 to get 0.3% daily ROI
  • $5001-$30,000 to get 0.4% daily ROI
  • $30,001 and above to get 0.5% daily ROI

In addition to this, operates through a Uni-level compensation structure.

This payment structure is where an affiliate will be placed at the top of the pyramid followed by others who will occupy spaces below them on the pyramid structure.

These affiliates have to be recruited by the ones who have already joined the pyramid scheme.

At this point, we can clearly see that this revenue is not generated from any legitimate source and payment is therefore not guaranteed for all members.

The NMBT tokens

The company is currently generating NMBT tokens for investors who pay membership fees.

Keep in mind that the company does not incur any significant cost when creating NMBT tokens.

For that reason, they are comfortably promising to generate 225% in residual income which we suspect is an empty promise.

Payment of revenue is to be handled by a third-party called Avalon App.

The lie is that Avalon App is a proprietary inter-exchange trading platform. The problem with this statement is that nobody can verify whether this exchange even exists in the first place.

In short, we cannot find proof that this company is generating external revenue from arbitrage trading.

Another thing to keep in mind is that what investors are buying for at least $350 are worthless tokens indeed.

Why is a scam!

To join as an affiliate (where you promote the referral link), you will be expected to pay nothing.

The reason for this is that the owner wants to make as much money as possible. The more people join and send their deposits, the quicker he makes money.

Another thing is that is offering an “income generating opportunity” hence the plans highlighted above.

As we have seen previously, one has to part with at least $350.

The bottom line is that Nimbus Platform is trying to promote its services by claiming to be a fintech crowdfunding platform.

This is actually incorrect because this website is actually not offering any fintech opportunity.


I would seriously discourage joining a website like Nimbus platform because the actual business model is deceitful.

The company is currently receiving $1 for 1 NMBT token.

If they were to pay everybody some returns, they would basically use the funds collected on the sale of NMBT tokens to make payments.

Ultimately, every ponzi scheme dies and owners make away with the most money. In this case, we foresee an event where investor numbers will slow down (because this will certainly happen).

When this happens, there is no recovering your $350. The platform sinks with all your money.

Thanks for reading.

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