Nick Deflorio: Why you should Meet Him

And thanks for reading this “quick” write up where we focus on one Nick Deflorio of Onyx Forex.

Mr. Deflorio is a trading guru whose efforts are hard to resist. The world has noticed him because of his trading performance and willingness to help new traders.

His education materials at Onyx Forex has seen many people’s lives turn around for the better.

A while ago, we captured his trading school in this review for purposes of creating awareness because the community feels that this guy is the real deal.

He is the number 1 preferred trading educator because other than knowing his game, he is easy-going and his personality is welcoming especially to traders who are struggling to make consistent returns.

We felt that we could probably give him an article here, highlighting our experience with him over a long period of time.

Nick Deflorio is Honest and fully transparent

I like being upfront with trading educators because there are many fraudsters out there.

My very first engagement with Nick Deflorio was about his alleged trading performance.

We are aware that most vendors in this marketplace are bogus, and will prey on newbies because these people have a lot of money to throw away, and thieves love their money very much.

There were a series of emails and even phone calls. And to my surprise, Nick Deflorio was more than willing to engage with us in a professional and calm way.

Despite the harassment that came from us, demanding proof of Nick’s supposed profits, he remained warm and friendly, ultimately producing the evidence that we were badly looking for.

What was the evidence by the way?

The evidence was in form of verifiable broker statements together with filed tax returns that match the exact statement records.

It’s difficult to lie under these circumstances. And Nick Deflorio cooperated with very little effort.

Nick Deflorio is on top of his game

I’ve met so many trading educators but when I finally got hold of Nick, I was taken aback by his solid trading and investing approach.

He is into fundamental and technical analysis, specifically price action trading with sensible risk-reward ratios.

He wants to teach his students the secret to trading like a champ in the Forex marketplace.

While the strategy looks massive and the learning curve quite long, Nick’s Onyx Forex brand claims that they can make students get the hang of things in a couple of days.

The biggest problem is that people don’t want to take a long time learning and not making money.

Mr. Deflorio responds to this need by providing his exact blueprint which consists of trading strategies that can be learned in the shortest time possible.

Some of his students reportedly make $1,000 per day, and this is just feedback from a few people.

He is highly entrepreneurial and flexible

He has a couple of websites and a knowledgeable team that backs him.

They provide 24 hour support. Demand is so huge because everyone has heard what Nick Deflorio is doing and everyone would like to sign up.

This guy used to work as a real estate agent but quickly changed the path of his career because he was not satisfied.

Because of his entrepreneurial nature, Mr. Deflorio has also been featured on big websites like Yahoo news and so on.

This is the epitome of success. It couldn’t be achieved by simply being a mediocre trader.

Nick Deflorio wanted a positive review and I refused!

Mr. Deflorio wanted a 5 star review and a positive article about himself.

At the back of his mind, he thought he was all along engaging with a “slam dunk” who would easily play along to his wishes.

I honestly said “No, it was not possible.”

The reason I turned him down is because Nick was already rich, and was probably trading with a sizeable account.

In my opinion, my audience would never replicate his strategies effectively seeing that 90% of them can only afford a small account.

Nick became angry and red faced. At some point, he even screamed at me, labeling me a fraud and a phony character.

He hanged up.

I thought that was the last time I would ever hear from him.

First forward to 2021, Nick Deflorio is back and inviting me for a challenge since he wanted to prove that his trading strategy is suitable for newbies and in fact all people.

The proposal was to open a live Forex account, deposit $500 and trade it for 6 months. I was also included in this program to follow up the trades.

I tracked the live account for 6 months and honestly, I was surprised to see that the account was growing every day.

At the end of the 6 month period, we were up by several thousands of dollars.

Finally, I agreed to publish about Nick Deflorio.

The Conclusion

To cut the long story short, Onyx Forex is run by someone who is on top of his game. Nick is not like those scam artists who swindle naive traders and investors.

He is someone who knows how to trade and is willing to impart this knowledge to people who are tired of mediocre results.

I hope you meet him right now by going to his website and engaging with him.