This review of (New mizes) proves that it’s a fake Crypto mining website.

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The name alone will put you off. That’s because the owner didn’t take his time to think twice. It’s something that’s here today and gone by tomorrow.

The site is targeting unsophisticated Crypto investors who would like to make a second income through mining of Cryptocurrencies.

For that reason, presents their Crypto mining plans and their respective prices.

Their hashrate prices are as follows:

1USD gets 100 Mh/s….. this package mines Syscoin, Litecoin and Dodgecoin using SCRYPT algorithm

2USD gets 100 Gh/s…. package mines Bitcoin cash, Bigibyte, Peercoin and Bitcoin using SHA-256

3USD gets 100 TH/s…. package mines Ethereum classic and Ethereum using the algorithm ETHASH

4USD gets 100 KH/s… package mines Horizen, ZCASH and Komodo using the algorithm EQUIHASH. review

Most of the above coins are obviously useless with the exception of Bitcoin, Dodgecoin, Ethereum and other well-known coins.

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Is legit?

Sites like New Mizes can’t be legit no matter what. They can only defraud people for a brief period of time before their web hosts shut them down.

Once this happens, they start again using other domain names and the cycle continues.

If you want to mine Cryptocurrencies, you should look for legitimate websites that prove authentic Crypto mining services.

Keep in mind that mining of Crypto is not as profitable as it used to be and secondly, 90% of sites like New Mizes that claim to mine Cryptocurrencies are either a pyramid scheme or outright scams.

It is possible to recover lost money from

In as much as the anonymous website admin thinks he is smart, the truth is that even lost Bitcoins in this website can be recovered.

You need to speak with fund recovery experts in order to recover whatever amount of money you’ve lost in the past or in this project.


Sites like will scam you and leave you high and dry.

There’s no point wasting your time and resources on this site.

They may fool you so that in the process you will invest more money.

When that happens, you will lose a lot of money. Just remember to speak with those who can track where your money went to.

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