Review: Obviously a Scam Broker is the website of a scam broker whose jurisdiction is in the infamous┬áSt. Vincent and the Grenadines. Neobrok’s website states that they are confident of their clients learning how to constantly profit from a changing market. The training is offered by the broker but the content is quite shallow as it does not provide any meaningful trading strategy.

Neobrok is not offering the popular MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. We prefer reputable Forex and CFDs brokers who run these platforms as they are user-friendly and feature rich in terms of tools and extensive charting capabilities. Even if you’re new to trading, these trading systems and signals will help you start making money immediately as long as you use our recommeded Forex and CFDs brokers.

Neobrok Review

The website is very simple and economical in terms of information relating to the operations of the broker.

They don’t have fancy marketing materials which other scammers often use to lure unsuspecting victims. We can presume that they are modest in their promises for the sake of appearing real.

The broker does not talk about their team or company. But their about us page discloses that Neobrok is an offshore broker.

With offshore brokers, you cannot expect that your trading experience will be smooth and without obstacles. The offshore broker will always have negative reviews from unhappy customers across the worldwide web because the company does not often have the best interest of their clients at heart.

And of course a broker like Neobrok is not bothered by regulations or licensing. Their intent is to scam traders and close business after a while. They are a fly-by-night operation which is why licensing is the last thing in their mind.

Inside Neobrok’s trading platform

When we signed up, we found a trading platform called WebTrader. The broker offers a couple of trading instruments, though we are not quite sure whether the data feed is coming from any liquidity providers.

It is not clear what maximum leverage the broker is willing to provide its traders. Besides, Neobrok does not talk about spreads at all. They are not upfront about their pricing policy. This is a typical characteristics of a bogus Forex broker.

The only helpful thing they seem to provide is training. But this training is also generic in nature. It does not offer specific strategies that can help traders achieve success.

What to do when you have been scammed by Neobrok

The broker is not presenting a sophisticated website to victims like Finotec and Millbank FX. However, they have managed to attract some traffic from online visitors, which means there is a high chance that they are scamming people.

If this is the case, my recommendation is to fill out the money recovery form or engage a professional in the live chat for immediate help with no upfront obligation.

The Conclusion

The scam site is not inspiring at all. Their operations are not as honest as they’d like you to believe.

A broker like Neobrok is going to waste your time by not providing you with professional brokerage services that is expected of them.

Remember that they are not licensed, so there is no way they will serve you according to the industry stands. There is a good reason why they are hiding in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines.