Naotsune Alliance Review: Boiler Room Scam

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A website by the name Naotsune Alliance is claiming to offer asset management services to its clients.

Naotsune Alliance is operating from the web address which first appeared online in December 2017.

The people who operate this asset management service are from Japan but are 100% anonymous.

For us to include it into our list of trustworthy investment products and services, the company owners must show some level of transparency in addition to providing sufficient reasons why we should not think they are a scam.

In their about us page, they claim to have experience in small and mid-cap companies’ market dynamics.

They also want investors to know that Naotsune Alliance are focusing on high growth investment strategies.

Based on their statements concerning what they do, we’re under the impression that Naotsune Alliance is soliciting funds from members of the public, claiming that they’ll invest it for higher returns.

The question is, how safe is investing with Naotsune Alliance?

Naotsune Alliance review

First of all, their website design does not look like a platform owned and operated by a serious company.

Their website consists of many sections that contain walls of thick texts which are basically fluff as the company is not really communicating any meaningful information.

We’ve also observed that Naotsune Alliance is using press release from various websites to give their service a veneer of legitimacy.

PR services are paid for, and scammers have often used these websites to spread false information about their purported services, thus luring victims into the fraud.

Their regulatory status is also of interest as we know very well that all investment managers in Japan are regulated by the Financial Services Agency aka FSA of Japan.

But looking at their website, we find that Naotsune Alliance is not talking about their regulatory status.

Any website claiming to offer some sort of wealth management service but is not registered with the local financial regulator is definitely a scam.

We’ve searched for their name in the database of FSA but failed to find them.

This means that Naotsune Alliance is a high risk financial service.


Naotsune Alliance does not even provide information about their company executives or people who are in charge of their purported trading activities.

I don’t know about you but this company is really weird. The reason they’re covered in mystery is because they are potentially up to no good.

The other thing to watch out is that this company has never received any public feedback from well-known reputation management platforms like Better Business Bureau or at least a profile from the obviously garbage TrustPilot website.

This is rather strange because any serious company that operates from the web will always attract some kind of feedback from people who have used their service before.

But this does not seem to be the case for Naotsune Alliance.

They only rely on paid press release articles which can be misleading because those magazines which publish this information are only interested in the scammer’s money.

Our advice is that you should be careful. Never send money to these people.

Cold calling from a boiler room is the classic tactic that these people use. They may obtain your information from other sources and even give you a call.

They may sell you some investment opportunity that will bring big returns in a short time.

Whatever the case, don’t send them money.

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