My Golden Signals Review: Richard Neal’s Scam

Welcome to the My Golden Signals review. My Golden Signals is owned by Richard Neal who claims to be a profitable binary options trader since 2015.

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He also claims was established in 2015 but according to, this site was actually registered in September 2016.

Mr. Richard Neal also claims in multiple video promotions that he made X amount of money in Y hours.

For example, in one video he claimed that he made $2900 in 3 hours.

There is no proof of this performance anywhere on this website since these videos don’t validate any profit claims.

Mr. Richard is selling all kinds of copy-pasting investment recommendations on his website.

Here are a few products and services he offers:

  • Golden signals Beast Mode daily ATM strategy…..$399.44
  • Golden Signals 5 minute ATM strategy….$374.99
  • Golden Signals Super Signals…… $200 per month
  • Golden Signals University…… $899.44

There are dozens of other strategies and signals which he offers at various amounts of subscription fees.

my golden signals review

These include Forex Hourly ATM ($230), Golden Signals University Gold Package half payment ($600) and so on.

Mr. Richard believes that these investment recommendations can help anyone become a successful trader, earning big money from the comfort of their home.

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Is My Golden Signals legit?

My Golden Signals is a website that uses deceptive marketing tactics to build trust.

Richard Neal is trading on a Nadex simulator just like Steve Gorniak of Gtradenow.

I think these two sites are somehow related because their marketing style is the same including wording and how they do their promotional videos.

my golden signals richard
“Successful binary options trader since 2015” has also posted videos of their “customers’ testimonials”.

Of course nobody ever posts negative testimonials on a website they would like to earn money from.

In this case, the dude is using videos which he outsourced for 10 bucks or less at a freelance marketplace called Fiverr.

This old school trick is no longer effective especially when you know that things that sound too good to be true are usually counterfeit.

One of the clowns in the fake testimonial videos even claimed that he was making $500-$1,000 per day using My Golden Signals strategies.

There is no proof of these profits. Furthermore, Mr. Richard does not have personally verifiable trading performance of his trades since 2015.

We know very well that he setup this site for the purpose of selling copy-paste investment recommendations.

This is typical of charlatans in the financial markets. When you hear the words binary options, it is always related to a scam.

It gets worse when the website or trading educator is promising you financial freedom.

The reason they focus on selling signals and strategies is because they are dead broke. They depend on your subscription fees and not money made from the markets.

They do not have a sound strategy and they are definitely not successful traders.

They are just clever marketers trying to take advantage of the financially naive.

The investment puffery is just unbelievable. I have always said that these kinds of investment schemes are fraudulent which is why they have every product for every victim.


My Golden Signals is selling signals that lose money. The strategies are equally not effective.

That is why Mr. Richard is depending on phony testimonials to make money. Absolutely zero honesty, integrity and performance.

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