My Best Forex Robots Review: (EA SCBO and CusterPro)

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CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK is offering MT4 and MT5 Forex robots. These expert advisors are known as EA SCBO and EA CusterPro respectively.

The website was anonymously registered in October 2017 but evidence suggests that this developer’s name is

Through their Invest Soft website, they sell a bunch of trading indicators with the most expensive tool costing $168.

My Best Forex Robots’ promotion materials claim that they’re offering professional Forex trading tools that reduce risks while increasing profits and saving valuable time.

On top of this, they tell us that their Forex robots use smart scripts designed by specialists of Forex market.

My Best Forex Robots reassures their clients that the scripts are tested and proven to earn money even when the user is asleep.

EA SCBO is an automated Forex scalper which tracks price movements to catch big moves.

On the other hand, EA ClusterPro is an automated Forex robot for trends. has provided insights to their strategy in the pages of each Forex robot.

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Is My Best Forex Robots legit?

To determine whether or not this developer’s products are viable, we look at their myfxbook account as well as strategy.

My Best Forex Robots review

Of course this developer has omitted a crucial part of their selling where they were supposed to tell us their location and trading/development experience.

However, their pricing gives us some clues because prices are in Euros. So these guys are definitely operating from Europe.

Despite registering their website in 2017, the only feedback we could find is in their myfxbook profile where users claimed this developer is doing a good work.

EA SCBO strategy

EA SCBO catches strong price movements with pending orders.

If price reverses, it deletes all pending orders. If price continues in the predicted direction, it continues to place pending orders in the direction of price while protecting profits using trailing stop.

The price of EA SCBO is 199 EUR

EA ClusterPro Strategy

It detects current market trend and strength to open trades. It increases size of transaction when there is a correction in price.

It is a fully automated trading system which can also be used by manual traders or those who prefer semi-automated trading robots.

The price of EA ClusrerPro is 249 EUR.

My Best Forex Robots Myfxbook track record

The developer has provided track records for each one of their EAs.

The first thing we noticed in their myfxbook profiles is that track record is not verified.

When this happens, it means the myfxbook profile is open to manipulation.

That is why the warning is written in red on top of the page for everyone to see.

Other than this, we see that both Forex robots are generating very small returns since monthly gains are between 1.67% and 4% only.


There are some aspects of this developer that makes us not want to purchase a copy of their Forex robots.

They lack full transparency which is of course a bad thing for any developer who is serious about selling their EAs.

We would not recommend My Best Forex Robots trading products at this time.

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