Review: Fraud Bitcoin Mining!

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CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK is touting safe, profitable and effortless Crypto mining in the cloud.

They claim to have cutting-edge mining rigs and which run 24/7. promises investors that they can mine any coin of their choice using the appropriate algorithm for mining that coin.

Investors need to choose a plan in order to get started with “Crypto mining” on this site.

The site also claims to sell highest hashpower for greater mining capabilities at lowest price.

There is no way mining fees can be low because with each passing day, energy is required to solve blocks in the blockchain network.

But this site is assuming that its audience do not know about the blockchain network.

If you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, the best way to approach this is to trade them. Here are products and services that can help you achieve this goal.

Pay specific attention to services that are strictly designed for Crypto trading.

Is legit?

It may look legitimate but the truth is that this site is a fraud site just like several others in this niche. review

To utilize their “256-SHA mining algorithm” for Bitcoin, one will part with at least $150.

According to Bitcoin mining profit calculators in the year 2020, 3TH/s which this site is offering for $150 should earn you +$3.83 per month.

But this fraud is making it look like miners will make a lot of money because their mining plans are apparently “affordable”.

Also, don’t be fooled by‘s UK registration status as anybody can register a LTD company from any virtual office in the country.

This is why most scammers have a LTD company in the UK to add a touch of authenticity.


Most people think a site like this one is legitimate.

The fraudsite owner has actually done a pretty job in convincing investors using a good template.

The fact of the matter is that is not offering any hashpower at any amount of money.

They are keeping every deposit you send them and moving on to the next victim.

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