MitraCrypto Review: Scam Broker Confirmed! is purporting to be a financial service that leverages on the decentralized trading and investing through Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Binary Options and CFDs.

MitraCrypto is claiming to be a company that operates from the UK.

Nothing is known about this company though they insist that their operations are legitimate.

MitraCrypto promises security of capital, signal win rate of 87.35%, integration with top-of-the class brokers, zero fees and so on.

The website does not talk about minimum deposit or even how they conduct business through their platform.

However, they do have a chat functionality on their website where they engage any visitor who may seem to be interested in their offer.

We still doubt the authenticity of this website. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrency trading, we implore you to find more information on this page.

Is MitraCrypto legit?

No, this website and platform is a scam.

Their mode of operation involves collecting deposits from unsuspecting investors by promising to multiply it in a few days.

MitraCrypto review

When deposits are made, the site will never return the money to their owners.

Instead, they will insist that victims should send more money in order to unlock their previous deposit.

These doggy websites are not even regulated. They should be avoided at all cost.


We don’t expect people to be losing money to fraudsites like MitraCrypto in 2020.

They are cheap and they are full of red flags. You cannot trust these guys with your money since they are unreliable.