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Mission Profit EA Review: Is It Really Profitable?

Mission Profit is a website of a vendor that is selling a Forex robot believed to be the #1 award-winning Forex auto trading robot for the year 2020.

The truth is that I never heard or encountered this Forex robot in 2020. As a matter of fact, the website (missionprofitforexea.com) was created in June 2021.

So how exactly did people vote for something they did not use? I doubt whether this vendor is being straight-forward since their promotion statement is clearly in contrary to reality.

I wouldn’t include this Forex robot into our list of recommended trading products and services as the vendor is being dishonest at this point.

The creator of Mission Profit EA says they’re offering this robot with the aim of helping traders create a passive income for themselves. They even claim Mission Profit EA is highly accurate and profitable.

The website of this vendor also declares that their EA has garnered thousands of 5 star ratings. However, from what I can see, this rating is actually displayed in Telegram screenshots and not from open trading forums.

The Mission Profit EA is available in 2 licenses. One can either get it for free (on profit share basis) or pay $170 for a lifetime license.

Today, I will be providing a quick review of the Mission Profit robot because their website is very attractive, and their myfxbook results also look impressive.

But there’s more to this that you probably didn’t know.

Mission Profit EA Review (missionprofitforexea.com)

In as much as this website is professionally-designed with everything falling into place, the vendor is unwilling to provide information about themselves as well as their physical address.

We’re literally listening to stories of an anonymous Forex robot developer.

This is exactly one of the many reasons why we discredited GuruTrader as the vendor is selling EAs but not bothering to build trust by providing proper introduction of who they are and where they operate from.

It now appears that Mission Profit Forex EA is basically a new website with a product that has not been used by many people (though they deny this fact).

Trading Strategy of Mission Profit EA

Mission Profit Forex EA is a volatility breakout system. When entering trades, it uses price action. It also looks for strong price movements while considering reversals in the trend.

The vendor also claims that their Forex robot is monitoring 4 timeframes simultaneously.

They also tell us that Mission Profit EA will open 1 trade only.

Based on my understanding, the strategy looks solid and well-calculated. My problem is that I would like to see it put to test before making up my mind and also recommending it to the community.

Trading Performance

The vendor has tackled performance concerns by providing a myfxbook account as well as backtest reports.

We will not focus on backtests as we generally find them not reflective of the reality in the markets in 2021.

Their myfxbook results is quite outstanding. The EA has made a gain of +1860%. Daily return is 5.22% while monthly return is 134.7%.

You can be sure that these results are simply too good to be true and to some extent not sustainable in the long run.

While these numbers are coming from a real Forex trading account, Mission Profit has also decided to restrict access to some important records such as current trades that are running and history of their trades in the activities section.

Nevertheless, one thing I have noticed is that Mission Profit Forex EA is no longer actively trading this account as all trading ceased in July 30th of 2021.

Keep in mind that despite trading activities not taking place in this account, the vendor has setup their myfxbook account so that it might look like the robot was still trading up to April 2021.

Whatever settings they use is misleading and deceitful. I don’t think traders will be happy if they find out.

The Conclusion

Something is not right about this robot. Mission Profit is showing us abnormal profits yet the vendor is clearly tampering with how their Myfxbook profit graph is displaying results.

At first, we had considered this EA a serious contender but we are taken aback by the tricks that this company is pulling on its prospective customers.

Furthermore, I am unable to find the supposed thousands of 5 star ratings from their clients.

What they are showing us are mere screenshot communication with their clients, which can easily be manipulated to make us think people are happy with the EA.

Unfortunately, Mission Profit EA is yet another bogus trading product. You can check our recommendations here if you would like to make money from trading.

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