Mirollex Review: A Ponzi Scheme Fraud

Thanks for reading this Mirollex review. Shortly, we will explain why this site does not qualify to be added in the list of the most recommended trading and investing platforms.

The site whose web address can be found at Mirollex.com is purporting to offer passive investment plans where minimum deposit is $100.

Mirollex website claims that they are a highly qualified team of professional traders that make use of technologies to assess market trends.

Mirollex claims that they are hedging and building trading strategies for earning consistent passive income across 6 market directions.

The aim of Mirollex is to lure investors to sign up for the so-called Franklin deposit plan. Their marketing materials claim that this investment plan yields 1.50% to 2.50% daily return.

They project owners provide the typical explanation where they claim to use fundamental and technical analysis to analyze and trade the financial markets.

Their contact us page depicts that this project is being run from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, my research suggests that the website owners have links in Russia or are at least living and doing this business from Russia.

In short, Mirollex is so controversial that we would not want to recommend it as chances of you losing money are so high.

Mirollex products

Looking at the investment plans touted on this platform, we realize that it is nothing but a ponzi scheme.

They currently provide the following passive investment plans:

1.Jackson…. $100 … 116% to 130% ROI in 20 days

2.Crypto trend…. $100 … 180% to 235% ROI in 50 days

3.Grant…. $1,000 …..130% to 160% in 30 days

4. Nakamoto… $1,000…198% to 312% in 60 days

5. Freedom ….. $3,000 … 216% to 544% ROI in 80 days

6.Franklin… $5,000 ….. 160% to 200% ROI in 40 days

The above so-called investment opportunities are allegedly generating returns from trading in the financial market, thus to participate, one has to deposit at least $100.

However, Mirollex is also promoting the Franklin investment plan more than any other plan. In fact, the other investment plans are kept a secret.

It is quite obvious that scammers want to make more money quickly, hence the reason for promoting the plan with the highest deposit.

The lies that Mirollex tells

This platform tells its customers that the company is storing their funds in segregated accounts.

But my observation is that this company is not a broker and therefore it is not possible to accept funds and put them in a segregated account.

In other words, all funds sent to the company are kept in company or individual accounts.

That aside, marketing materials on the Mirollex website claim that all trading operations are broadcast in real time in a transparent way.

The question is how this will be possible when the user dashboard of the website does not post any trades or charts for trading.

We can neither see trades nor trade for ourselves. All of these claims are unverified, which makes Mirollex a very unreliable platform.

Owners of Mirollex

According to this YouTube video, Andreas Kral is the CEO of Mirollex.

In May 2021, a YouTube channel called Ludoed Production posted a video where the “CEO of Mirollex” confessed that he was just an actor.

Ludoed Production pointed out that this video was posted for the sake of Mirollex fraud project investors.

This means that the real owners of this project are actually anonymous, same as their locations.

This is a very sad and disappointing news considering that this ponzi scheme was so persuading and looking real.

Many people had believed that they actually trade the financial markets. But with the turn of events, it looks like the project is built on lies and deception.


The company says it is able to generate the high ROIs from stocks, Forex and Crypto assets trading.

But where is the evidence?

Having analyzed the situation at present and looked at the facts as well, we can conclude that this company is running a classic ponzi scheme that uses trading as an excuse to steal investors’ funds.

If they are able to generate these daily astronomical returns, why would they need your $100 in the first place?

It makes no sense.

The only reason they need your financial input is because they are not trading but actually recycling investor funds to make it look like they are trading and paying out members.

This is what scams like Bixo Fintech, A1 Investment and King Mining are doing. It is therefore a reasonable thing to avoid participating in Mirollex fake passive investment opportunity.