Review: A Very Clever Scam Broker

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It doesn’t make sense that is targeting serious traders but lying about their business in every part of their website.

This review covers everything about Milliva, from how they lure clients to how they rob them in the process.

Our investigations reveal that Milliva is a suspicious Forex broker operating out of London and accepting deposits starting $100.

What is so discouraging about this broker is that they want investors to sign up based on the promise that they will enjoy zero spreads from an “award-winning broker” that is implementing “ultra-efficient technology”.

The only thing that makes this broker stand out is that they hired a skilled web developer who created their site with all the bells and whistles of an aesthetic Forex brokerage platform.

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Milliva Review: The broker that cannot be trusted

Right now every Forex broker out there is offering their clients the ability to trade on the MT5 software as well as on mobile devices.

This should not be something that makes this broker any special because we already know that this is a standard feature across all serious brokers.

This broker is also supporting all major payment gateways like MasterCard, Visa and e-wallets. Again we don’t see anything special here since all the brokers that we worked with are using these payment methods too.

The greatest undoing of the people who run this website is that they love to lie about the quality of their service just to win the hearts of their clients.

The lies that Milliva wants you to believe so you can give them your money

Their website alleges that the team behind this operation started out as traders in 2009 before setting up this brokerage house in 2010.

Well, this is a big fat lie because we are unable to trace the existence of this broker in 2010 or thereafter.

Actually, according to the Internet Archives website, Milliva came into existence in 2021.

This finding makes the broker look awkward and suspicious. We actually prefer established Forex brokers and not those who want to lie about their experience.

Also, as soon as you land on the website of Milliva, they will promise you zero pips which is not going to happen if you start trading with them.

On the account types page, they actually change the story by stating that pips start at 1.0 pips. In other words there is no account type with zero pips.

In addition to this, they never won any award in 2021. But their website is still maintaining that Milliva won the best Forex MT5 broker in 2021.

They do not have any valid Forex brokerage license

While licenses don’t mean much these days, it’s always recommended that you at least consider a regulated broker rather than risking it all with an unregulated broker.

Milliva claims that they are based in London and that means they should ideally be providing their financial services with the authority of the FCA.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and they don’t also show any intentions to get licensed. They are basically operating like Trade Capital Holding, which is another misleading and clever scam.

The Conclusion

Is there a solid reason why someone would want to trade with Milliva? No, there is not a single reason.

An unregulated broker will scam you or at least mishandle you because they ignore the saying that the customer is always right.

This broker has not received feedback from any trader out there, yet they claim to be well-established. There is a likelihood that they do not have any customers at the moment.

I feel that it would be too risky to trust a Forex broker like Milliva. Thanks for reading.

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