Millionare Mindset Traders Review (MMT)

Millionare Mindset Traders (MMT) is a Forex academy that offers coaching, daily trade calls and weekly trade analysis.

The cost of joining this Forex academy is $49 per month or $550 if you pay annually.

The academy is also recommending Kot4x and Hugosway as their most preferred brokers.

Kot4x is operating from the Saint Vincent And Grenadines which means they are an offshore broker with no valid Forex trading license.

Customer reviews are extremely negative, which makes me wonder why Millionare Mindset Traders is partnering with them.

On the other hand, Hugosway is not really controversial but I’ve also seen negative comments here and there.

Millionare Mindset Traders review

With regards to this Millionare Mindset Traders review, we will discuss the quality of their service to see whether it’s a viable opportunity to learn trading.

Is Millionare Mindset Traders legit?

This is not a very popular trading academy and so there are currently no customer reviews.

They claim to be operating from the US. The address provided is 17350 State Highway 249, Ste 220 #1640, Houston, TX 77604.

The people who run this trading school are only introduced using one name.

They are Zane, Essence, Justice and KD. Each one of these individuals are allegedly in charge of coaching students on different strategies, financial instruments and trading in general.

In addition to this, they offer an expert advisor called Alexander bot.

Basically, this sales page is portraying that they have all the solutions that traders are looking for.

However, we see that they’ve not posted any trading performance for their educators or students.

In 2020, those who trade successfully and for a living use myfxbook statement sharing service.

This is not the case with Millionare Mindset Traders, which makes us conclude they are not legit.

Should you subscribe for Millionare Mindset Traders’ services?

If you’re completely new to trading, then probably you’ll benefit from the basic training offered on this website.

However, if you’ve been around for some time, you will find nothing new.

We always want vendors of trading products to prove that what they teach works.

In this case, Millionare Mindset Traders does not have any of this proof yet they want students to pay them for the “training”.


I don’t think the service is worth paying for or spending money on.

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