Millbank FX Review: Beware of

Is Millbank FX from London a scam? It seems the company is thriving on half truths, half lies. This is a quick review of because we feel the community needs to be aware of everything when making a decision on whether to or not to use the services of this company.

For starters, Millbank FX offers risk management strategies, tailored market analysis and Forex execution for corporate clients. It appears that the vendor is not operating like a regular Forex and CFDs brokerage or at least their website is purporting so. If they were a regular Forex broker, then I’d provide my usual recommendations of trading software or signals because these choices really work well on the MT4 and MT5 trading platform.

Millbank FX is also emphasizing that they uphold values like integrity and transparency. They tell clients that the company is focused on optimizing performance using effective currency management.

Millbank FX Review: details of what they offer

The corporate client is the main target here. Risk management in the FX market is the main service they offer. Their marketing materials claim that the information is delivered to clients in a clear and conscious manner. They are big on saving their clients from exchange rate variation which can impact the profits of their clients.

However, no pricing details have been disclosed on the website. The website is modest in nature with small pieces of information here and there.

Millbank FX Review: what you probably don’t know about this company

It is indeed true that this company holds an FCA license. This is very important because it tells us how reliable a company can be. But at the same time, it does not guarantee quality of service.

However, we find it rather strange that Millbank FX does not have a physical address. The address London, UK, with the specific address at 13 Tarves WayGreenwichLondonSE10 9JPUNITED KINGDOM is just a premise that is currently vacant.

The gate leading to the premises has a phone number that people can call for rent. The alleged office location is opposite the subway and not far from Greenwich Observatory. In short, we were not able to establish the true location of Millbank FX.

Is there a possibility that the company moved to another location? We have no idea, but at least they would have updated their physical address on the official website.

The conclusion

In as much as their website presents a professional design language and company offering a service that is highly sought after, we are of the view that prospective clients should do their due diligence.

This company does not have reviews or feedback from clients who have subscribed to their services.

The only reviews we could find of Millbank FX are pertaining to employees who have ever worked for them.

We find this strange and a red flag as a matter of fact. If the company is doing things the right way, then we should have no trouble seeing reviews of their services on the internet.