Menne Markets Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Menne Markets cannot be trusted due to the fact that they’re unlicensed and are speaking lies on their website. We promise you that even if you use the best signals or education to trade your money on the Menne Markets platform, they’ll somehow manipulate your trades and make you lose all your deposit. Even if you outsmart the thieves, they will definitely lock your deposit, thus rendering it useless as it cannot be withdrawn.

That said, this review will look at Menne Markets illegitimate or unethical ways of doing business to help you make the right decision. However, our stand in this review still remains that this broker is dangerous to trade with.

Menne Markets ( review

The website of this broker is visually appealing, and you might be forgiven to think it’s a legitimate trading platform.

We understand that Menne Markets is advertising itself as a reliable MT5 Forex broker. This is of course something we cannot believe due to the numerous red flags that we’ve found on their website.

At this point, we don’t really care what leverage they offer, what their spreads look like and whether they have won awards before.

Speaking of winning awards, this broker is displaying several achievements, even telling us that they started serving customers in 2001.

What Menne Markets doesn’t want you to know is that their website was registered in September of 2021. How can they say they have been serving customers for decades? That’s clearly not the case.

The awards are fake as well. If you look at their website, you will find all kinds of awards displayed on the platform. We tried clicking on these “awards” but couldn’t proceed further as links to the awards were missing.

Also, Menne Markets claims they have 5 star rating at Trustpilot. Trustpilot should never be used as a point of reference when it comes to evaluating the reputation of a business since their job is to take hundreds of dollars every month to market their fraudulent customers.

Menne Markets is not transparent

Apart from offering illegal financial services, the broker is also not disclosing their physical address. This is quite weird as brokers are required to disclose their location as well as their licensing number on their websites.

The broker has only provided us with a UK phone number. This might suggest that they’re based out of the UK but again there is a possibility that they could be using a phone service that makes them appear as if they are running the business from the UK.

Whatever the case, Menne Markets is using a lot of tricks hoping to deceive you and make away with your deposit.

Since they are not licensed, they should also not deceive you into believing your deposit will go into a segregated account.

What to do if you have been scammed by

What you must be sure of is that this broker is using the same tricks that illegal brokers tend to use to acquire victims.

For that reason, we’re bound to see a lot of consumer complaints against the broker.

The best thing to do if you have been scammed is to report this broker using the live chat down below or form that I included in this review.

Not only are we bringing this to the attention of the law enforcement, but we are also seeking chargeback to get back our lost funds.

The Conclusion

MenneMarkets will definitely scam you if you’re not careful. You should not look at their website and make assumptions that they are a legit.

Ask them about their license and also seek verification of their alleged awards. If you ask these questions, chances are that they will ignore you.

Whatever the case, don’t use the services of this website as you are likely going to lose money.