Megamindfx Signal Review

Welcome to the Megamindfx Signal review. Megamindfx Signal offers trade alerts for currencies and Gold respectively.

Signal alerts (4 to 8 signals) are delivered through the group’s Telegram channel or email daily.

The service is based in the UK and wants traders to know that their weekly pip target is between 1000 to 2500 pips.

To contact them, traders must call +4407874387979 or email the team at [email protected]

The only thing we did not see is an introduction of who manages this signal service.

Is Megamindfx Signal legit?

In addition to Forex and Gold signals, Megamindfx Signal also provides a copytrading service on their website.

With this copytrading service, investors are promised weekly returns of between 30% to 50%.

MegaMindFX Singnals review

Monthly account growth is said to be between 150% to 200%. These figures are not realistic.

Furthermore, the service provides 4 signal packages. Traders can choose the monthly package or opt for the quarterly, bi-annually or yearly plans.

The subscription cost is $50, $100, $150 and $250 respectively.

Based on what they promise to achieve for us, we don’t think these prices are realistic either.

The service is over-promising yet no evidence that they’re actually getting a minimum of 1000 pips every week.

They’ve provided some images in their “results” page to show us the weekly figures which they’ve allegedly earned from trading.

The problem with Megamindfx Signal is that they’re presenting unverified trading results.

We prefer signal vendors who use an independent statement sharing service like myfxbook.

Not only does this ensure maximum transparency in trading results, but it also relieves signal vendors from the work of publishing results on their website.

This means they can have more time to focus on market analysis.

Should you use Megamindfx Signal service?

The service looks and sounds very unreliable. No verifiable trading results to show potential customers.

So we’re basically paying for a service whose viability is not known.

This is not advisable.


For those of you who would like to utilize the services of an efficient signal provider, this page has all the tools and resources needed to succeed in any kind of trading.