MegaFX Signals Review: Legit or Scam?

MegaFX-Signals is a Forex signal service provider who gained expertise in this field for almost a decade now.

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Currently, they’re supporting more than 700+ traders globally with almost 45K followers in their free channel.

We have observed them for a while now as we did with other forex services and found them to be very consistent.

If you follow their telegram channel, you will find that they alone generated 17831+ pips in 2020 and that is a proof in itself about its constant growth in the forex market.

We like how strong their efforts are with their branding approach and 24/7 support service.

Today we’re going to review MegaFX-Signals service and find what it holds for the future of general traders worldwide.

Transparent Signal Service

MegaFX Signals has set the mission of receiving the highest number of pips on a monthly basis, compared to its last achievement.

It is created for the sole purpose of giving full on assistance to all its traders. One great thing about them is that they don’t do any market manipulation or give false promises of making traders rich overnight.

Their free Telegram channel delivers up to 3 free signals per day while their premium service provides up to 8 signals per day. The free signal service is currently providing 1000+ pips per week and up to 2500+ pips per month with their premium subscription.

According to some traders of MegaFX, they found the service very sincere in providing all kinds of trading support.

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This is because they are consistent and their support is accessible non-stop for 24/7. Thus, this quality gives them a competitive edge over other services available in this business. 

Here is the link of MegaFX-Signals Telegram Channel: mega fx signal

Things you can find legit in their service:

Free Signal result

The free signal results show the overall trading expertise.

Paid Signal result

The overall paid signal results for the MegaFX VIP users show that they are consistent and transparent. Here is one of the results they shared on their free channel.

The overall paid signal results for the MegaFX VIP users show that they are consistent and transparent. Here is one of the results they shared on their free channel.

Paid Service pricing

Their paid service starts from as simple as $54/month from regular package and it is comparatively very affordable for any first time users.

Their best package includes  lifetime access with VIP customer support at only $349. The pricing range is quite reasonable than what other forex services are offering right now.


They provide regular technical analysis results to individual traders, where one can easily identify their overall risk factors, profitable position & loss points, as their charts are fully detailed with trading records and market updates.

Their technical analysis can help traders learn how the market moves.


Recently, they introduced an automated trading solution called MEGA TRADER. It is completely effective & hassle-free with  lifetime access for all its traders.

This smart EA is made to ensure effective trading for everyone.

To show the efficiency of the MegaTrader EA, they are providing a myfxbook link which anyone can visit and check the performance of the MegaTrader.

This again shows MegaFX Signals provider is transparent to what it claims to be.


MegaFX Signals provide learning materials for traders to gather full knowledge on the forex market. The following are some effective sources on forex trading the service is currently offering:

  • E-book link: They are promoting an ebook which is quite good to increase trading knowledge and skill. The book name is FOREX MASTERY: NEWBIE TO PRO 
  • Mega school:  Mega school is an e-learning platform where they are providing videos to educate traders about forex trading. They created this to make FX trading easy and enjoyable to understand.
  • Educational videos: You can find numerous forex related learning materials & videos in their free channel, suitable for all levels of traders. They are effective for beginners too.


When it comes to rating, their trading performance is well appreciated by many.

Though they don’t reveal the names of their traders, they do show a detailed track record of the overall trading progress & profit outcomes of each trader.

Looking at all the evidence so far, they have enough proof to be deserving a place in this market. They have shown good potential to stay productive for long-term.

We do recommend you to test their free services to get a better idea of all the benefits they offer.

Take your time to evaluate all those benefits the company has to offer. You will soon realize how effective their paid signal packages are to make you productive in real trading.

Those who are serious about trading full time must test them at least once, to enjoy all the goodness of their service. I think they look promising and meant to keep a stern position in the future ahead.

MegaFX-Signals is worth trying if you want to be at the top of your trading game.

This is because their loyalty means providing lifetime support, as long as you need them to be your side. And, we personally feel they can reach a remarkable point in no time, if they keep going like this.

Thanks for staying till the end of this MegaFX-Signals review.

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