MBInvest Review: investmb.eu a Scam (Plus how to recover your money)?

MBInvest is an unlicensed Forex and CFDs broker, and it does not matter what else they say on their website. In fact, their website is full of lies and deception, from the statistics to their fake achievements. So if they stole from you or you lost your money from a similar scheme, CLICK HERE to recover it.

Now, MBInvest is operated from the domain investmb.eu which is weird given the fact that MB Invest is a very different name from the domain which they use for the website. This is clearly a big confusion. Those little things can be a red flags. This is why we only recommend trading and investing services when we have put all of these things into consideration.

That aside, MB Invest also claims to be a ‘trusted’ Forex and CFDs broker that has been around for 26 years. Is this true? Definitely not. This is why we warn you not to risk.

MBinvest Review: They are unlicensed

MB Invest was recently blacklisted by the Italian Consob for providing financial services even when they do not have a valid Forex and CFDs broker’s license.

The regulator noted that the broker is a high risk and should not be used by the Italians or anyone wanting to invest in the financial markets.

Usually when there is a warning like this, the regulators will have received a few complaints against the broker and are just warning internet users not to take their chances.

An unregulated broker like MBinvest is therefore dangerous for your investment. They are not accountable to any regulatory authority. This gives them the leeway to steal your deposit because they know nothing will happen to them.

MB Invest and the lies

Their website states that the broker has covered you with an insurance of up to €5,000,000. In reality, there is no insurance.

The insurance is a compensation policy required by European regulators but since MBinvest is not licensed, there is no checking whether the company has enough capital to cover you.

So this is just a thing stated on paper but in the real sense, the broker does not have an insurance for you.

Too many complaints against MBinvest

Not only have they entered the regulator’s blacklist, but investors who have tried them are complaining about how they lost their money by trusting this shady broker.

It is not possible to find a positive review about this broker no matter how you search the web.

Shockingly, these guys have developed a thick coat. They still do business online and are always finding new victims everyday.

What to do if you lost your money to this scam

They entice traders using a beautifully designed website and a flowery language. So traders and investors will end up making a deposit even if they have done done research about the broker.

Long story short, if you have been scammed by this broker, just visit this page for instructions. You will thank us later.

The Conclusion

Your money is not safe in the hands of these scammers. Even the authorities have sounded a warning and you better take note.

There is no way this broker will help you make money. The only aim is to steal your deposit. We ask you to avoid this broker.