Mayfair Wealth Management Review: Scam (

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Our Mayfair Wealth Management review will help you make an informed investment decision.

The company is running its business from the domain where they claim to offer wealth management services to high net worth individuals through bonds and equities.

Mayfair Wealth Management wants to help investors open offshore accounts in countries like Switzerland, Moroco etc.

We’re not sure if this is in the domain of asset managers, and we also don’t know why there’s need to help with opening offshore banking accounts.

Mayfair Wealth Management

If this is the case, then probably the website is trying to win client trust by convincing them to evade tax.

In addition to this, they claim that investors will be guaranteed capital security without sacrificing investment returns.

Their marketing materials proclaim that they help investors by hedging with “hard” assets to achieve this goal.

The company is allegedly investing in real estate and also providing an opportunity for trading in the Forex markets through managed accounts.

This website is already suspicious and we can’t recommend it to any investor who is reading this review.

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Mayfair Wealth Management Review

The company’s website is providing a Dubai based physical address but also claiming to have a physical presence in the UK.

This means that they are targeting investors from these regions as well.

Unfortunately, their website does not include licensing details from either the FCA (UK financial regulator) or the DFSA (Dubai financial regulator).

They are basically operating out of these countries illegally, thereby putting the investment funds of their clients in great danger.

The company is promoting its services by claiming to be a “World class financial service” offering unparalleled results.

They want investors to know that is providing a safe, reliable and extraordinary level of service.

One of their most popular product is called FX Capital Invest.

Through FX Capital Invest, clients can trade Forex for themselves or let the company trade on their behalf.

The average monthly ROI that Mayfair Wealth Management is promising from these trading activities is 4.88%.

They claim that trading is undertaken on various assets which also include Equities, Energies, Metals and Forex.

The service intends to provide up to 50% annual returns.

Of course this service wants to net even more victims. So they have a product “meant for women” called Ameerah

The description of this product claim that women don’t have first class choices of investment products and that Ameerah would benefit this category of clients.

They fail to disclose what the minimum deposit is.

They don’t introduce their traders either, which makes it difficult for us to run our background checks.

That aside, Mayfair Wealth Management also claims to be involved in humanitarian projects.

This is a common trick used by scam artists, and a good example would be a website called WorldMarkets.

By telling us that they engage in acts of charity, people believe that they are genuine and so they end up defrauding many victims.

Who runs

Amani Choudhry is introduced as the CEO of the company. The CEO is allegedly from the United Kingdom.

This LinkedIn profile would provide some insights into the experience and qualifications of Amani Choudhry.

However, something peculiar is happening in the aforementioned profile.

When you click around the links in that profile, they lead to a website whose domain is, not

According to the FCA (UK financial regulator), is a clone of

This means that is not regulated by the FCA but is using the details of a legitimate company to fool investors.


It has always been said that investors who trust unregulated investment companies will always face disadvantages.

They face the risk of losing all their money because funds are not stored in segregated accounts as required by the financial regulators.

Furthermore, Mayfair Wealth Management is not a reputable investment firm.

They don’t have reviews or client feedback to inspire confidence.

This is a red flag because if indeed the domain was registered in 2008, they should be having so many clients who can provide feedback.

The bottom line is that nobody trusts a company that clones another company.

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