Matras Platform Review

Matras Platform offers a software interface where traders can automate multiple strategies for different currency pairs.

Matras is going to execute individual trades at high speeds compared to humans.

The vendor claims that they’ve tested multiple strategies using historical data and they’re confident that traders can test the software in demo before going live.

Matras Platform review

On the same note, Matras Platform provides tools and several modules that allow traders to build trading plans and strategies.

Manual trading is also available in addition to trading on the Matras Platform simulator and trading for backtesting purposes.

To open an account with Matras, the vendor has partnered with 3 brokers called LMax exchange, Squared Financial and SwissQuote respectively.

It appears that traders who subscribe to this product will need the services of these brokers at one time.

Matras software is the product of a company called Credit Trading Inc.

This company is not well-known as they’re not very popular in the Forex trading scenes.

Also, it appears that the service is trying to compete with more established Forex trading platforms like MT4 or cTrader.

Is Matras platform legit?

The service may be legitimate but how it serves traders is a different story.

Also, to adapt it, the vendor will have to convince traders why their platform and software is better than MT4 software or any other.

Also, since Matras claims that the platform enables creation of automated trading strategies, they have to show us their trading performance to determine the viability of the product in question.

Otherwise, traders will find that these highly recommended trading products and services are the better option.


We know that there’s a cost attached to the use of this software. However, the vendor is not being upfront with pricing on their website.

We needed to know what we’d pay after we’re done with the trial version of the software.

So right now we’re seated on the fence. We can neither recommend nor dismiss the product right away.