Masdar Investment Review: Scam at

Masdar Investment is a new Forex broker operating under Masdar investment Ltd.

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This Forex brokerage does not offer its service to residents of the US but claims that all other countries are open to its financial services.

They are located somewhere in  United Arab Emirates.

They’ve listed down their physical address as Office 2307, Al Ameri, Tower Barsha Heights Dubai, P.O.Box: 502524.

Their support can be reached through or by using the phone number 0097142468130 to call them.

They claim to provide reliable financial brokerage services to an international clientele but their licensing information is quite obscure.

In fact, Masdar Investment does not have a license at all, which makes us very scared of them.

They claim that their company, Masdar investment Ltd, started operations in 2006 but this page indicates that the domain of their website was registered in 2018.

Someone from the company needs to explain to us why and how this company used to operate without a website.

Or else we’re going to assume that Masdar investment has lied about their starting date.

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Welcome to the Masdar investment review.

This review is unbiased and is based on facts that we’ve gathered from their website and elsewhere too.

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Masdar Investment review

The homepage claims that the mission of this broker is to inspire traders globally and pave way to the world’s largest markets.

They also seek to provide the best trading practices. They also want traders to believe that the company’s success is pegged on teaching traders how to trade all financial instruments with dedication, determination and excellence.

We’re just repeating what is already published on their website and it’s important to write a review in this manner because most of those statements are better analyzed when they appear in a review like this.

To make traders believe that Masdar Investment is a broker with a better order matching engine, they claim that their order matching engine is located in the New York Equinix NY4 data centre.

This order matching engine is allegedly processing over 50,00 0 trades per day.

They’re also inviting traders to use automated trading systems on their website because they claim to give traders an edge.

Masdar investment review

They offer a wide range of financial instruments for trading which include 80+ CFDs and spot contracts.

However, it appears that Masdar Investment broker neither provides the popular MT4 trading platform nor cTrader for that matter.

In fact, we’ve got no idea what trading platform they are running on their website.

So our best guess would be that this broker has designed a custom trading platform.

As we all know, most traders are used to MT4 and cTrader platforms and not any other.

So this is the number one reason why traders will shun them.

And we also don’t believe that this broker has 1254 happy clients. Based on the website’s alexa ranking and lack of Masdar Investment reviews online, we can conclude with confidence that these figures are a lie.

Masdar Investment review: Account types

There are 4 different account types offered by this broker. These include Micro, Gold, Platinum and Islamic.

The minimum investment required to open an account with this broker is $500.

This is quite high as Forex brokers are now accepting as little as $50.

It also means that Masdar Investment broker is preventing many traders who don’t want to risk $500 from accessing the Forex market.

The second account requires at least $5,000 minimum deposit. The third account requires $15,000 while Islamic account requires $1,000.

Masdar investment Account types

With this kind of deposit requirement, most traders will be turned off because this broker is very new and has zero reputation. No trader in their sane mind would be willing to trust Masdar Investment with this amount of deposit.

Features include:

Daily market analysis

Trading account manager

24/7 support )applies to Platinum and Islamic account holders

Daily trade recommendations via sms

The higher the deposit, the more the features that traders can access.

Other features provided are charts, calendar and currency converter.

The broker is apparently using charts from TradingView, something that is not so common with Forex brokers.

Masdar Investment is not regulated

You will be doing the worst thing trading with a broker who is clearly not regulated.

We’ve raised the same issue when we did reviews for, Markets Soft, and BTC Tradings.

Lack of a license from a proper regulatory organization is always a red flag.

So don’t trade with such a broker.

Where is spread or leverage information?

Well, Masdar Investment is just careless broker.

All professional brokers must include spread and leverage info on their website so that traders will know upfront what they are getting into.

I hate to deal with Forex brokers who are not upfront with their trading conditions.

Furthermore, the act of omitting this information goes contrary to what they advertise on their website.

For us, this is a big fat no.


Thanks for reading this Masdar Investment review.

You know that we’ll never recommend a broker such as this one.

But we will always write reviews like these to warn traders of the impending danger.

Traders must always choose professional brokers. It’s easy to know what a professional Forex broker looks like. Isn’t it?

Now, we would like to hear from you if you are one of the alleged customers of Masdar Investment brokerage.

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