Review: Very Bad Broker is claiming to be a True ECN Crypto broker yet their website is full of red flags, making it impossible to believe their claim.

Even if you use the best trading software or signal service on this broker’s platform, they will still deny you any profits you have made.

Why minimum deposit is $10,000 is something we will never understand, given that many professional and regulated brokers will let you trade Crypto assets, starting with any amount of deposit.

Marketspots is currently attracting traders by claiming to provide over 800 Crypto assets and ICOs for trading.

Variety does not assure safety of funds at all. In fact, Marketspots should be focusing on the really important things such as licensing and reputation.

When conducting background research on, we found out that they registered the web address in July 2020, meaning that this broker is just a couple of days old.

New brokers are generally problematic in this industry as they tend to operate without a broker’s license, and sometimes ownership is 100% anonymous.

This situation makes a very awkward website. It is impossible to trust them with the amount of money they are requesting as minimum deposit.

Marketspots Review: Beware of their tricks

Looking at their account types, we find that the broker is offering an account manager to their clients as well as weekly live stream trading webinars.

In addition to this, Marketspots is promising their customers monthly sessions with a certified accountant.

They make it sound professional but as always, such brokers are using these empty promises to attract new traders and investors.

Of course the Crypto broker is also using an aesthetically pleasing website to gain even more trust from people who randomly come to their website. is an anonymous Crypto broker

The broker is only accepting payment in Cryptocurrencies, which makes it a very risky expedition for people who will get involved.

There can never be any chargebacks, and as you can see, the amounts of monies involved are very huge.

Furthermore, this broker is 100% anonymous. Marketspots does not provide details of their ownership or location.

This should be treated as a very serious red flag since there’s no reputable broker that hides the location of their headquarter.

The broker is not even regulated

Despite Marketspots claiming to offer attractive benefits to its clients, it does not tell us whether or not they are licensed.

We can clearly see that they are not. This means that the security of your funds is in jeopardy.

There’s no way this broker will honor their agreement with you.

Unregulated brokers are generally unreliable and most of the time, they will deny you any deposits you have made to their platform.

Therefore, it’s quite clear Marketspots is operating like Yennex Markets, Morsprime and any other broker that does not qualify for a license.


This broker cannot be legit. No matter how their website looks like, the red flags are so strong. We don’t have to see any feedback from a victim to conclude that Marketspots is a smart scam.

Don’t be marveled at their selection of financial instruments or the alleged benefits and convenience they claim to offer.

All of these things are meant to make you disillusioned.