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There are no reviews out there to guide traders on whether or not this broker’s services are legitimate and authentic. Thankfully, we now know that is just a scam, and this is a warning that if anyone uses for their trading endeavors, they are going to lose their investment forever.

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The broker is from Switzerland and is claiming to be a partner of Interactive Brokers. The problem with is that they are not licensed by the local financial authority. This makes it risky to trust them with your deposit.

Another thing is that this broker’s relationship with Interactive Brokers is something that our survey team was not able to verify. The company behind this broker’s brand is known as ISP Securities AG. Funds of their clients are deposited directly into the company’s accounts instead of being kept in a segregated account. This is the main reason why you are likely to lose your money if you trust this scam.

It is also the reason that serious traders choose professional trading tools to create wealth in the Financial markets. review

The broker’s website is very basic in design. It gives the impression of not being a serious company. Their about us page claims that they were founded in 1993. They also claim that ISP Securities AG is a member of FINMA.

We were curious to do a little more digging into the background to try establish the truth about the company being registered by FINMA. Unfortunately, our efforts to search the regulator’s database were futile because ISP Securities AG is actually not registered or licensed by the oversight authority.

Markets24 also offers managed trading accounts in addition to a trading environment where users allegedly access the financial markets for trading various instruments including Forex and CFDs.

The broker’s website is not upfront with information about their managed accounts. In fact, clicking the link to their managed account takes us to a portal where we are required to sign up before we can access more info.

In addition to this, their cost page is vague as we expected them to publish their live spreads which they have not done. Instead the broker says that the more orders we execute, the cheaper it becomes to trade with review: summary of reasons why you should avoid this broker

  • They are not licensed, hence they are not a legitimate Forex broker
  • They lie about their relationship with another broker called Interactive brokers
  • Some of their sentences don’t make sense
  • Website of the company is very basic, giving the impression that they are not serious and will not handle their customers with care
  • No information about minimum deposit and spreads

The Conclusion

Even if we wanted to recommend this broker, it would be difficult, seeing that not even a single customer feedback can be found online.

I therefore urge you to use the comment section to highlight your experience with this broker as this could save hundreds of other traders who might have contemplated using the services of

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