Review: Market Robo is a Crypto Scam

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Welcome to the Marketrobo review. interchanged the name of RoboMarkets in order to come up with the name of their supposedly licensed Cryptocurrency trading robot.

Robomarkets is a dubious Forex broker who also offers a Forex trading robot on their platform. There are numerous complaints that have since been directed at them.

Market robo website claims that they’re offering an Crypto currency trading robot that uses arbitrage trading in order to generate daily returns of 0.78%.

Marketrobo Ltd is using a virtual address which is listed as Kemp House, 160 City Road,
London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom.

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Only shady companies on the internet use virtual addresses in order to feign legitimacy.

Market Robo website claims that they’ll take away 25% of their customers profits. At the same time, they claim the platform is completely free to use.

What is more, this website only accepts payments in Bitcoins. They claim that arbitrage trading is only done in Bitcoin.

Apparently, Marketrobo is also “selling Bitcoins” to (users without Bitcoin) who would like to get started with their platform.

There’s something sinister about this supposed arbitrage Crypto trading platform.

Lots of things don’t make sense here plus the website has red flags everywhere you turn to.

If you believed their too good to be true story, please read this Marketrobo review as we’ll be discussing all aspects of their Cryptocurrency trading robot to determine whether it’s a viable investment.

Marketrobo Review

Although they claim to have a Ltd title (which could be true simply because registering a company in the UK is easy and dirt cheap), Market Robo fails to disclose ownership information.

MarketRobo review

You should be careful of companies that use virtual addresses while failing to disclose the names of the people associated with their operations.

Market Robo appears to be using the concept of arbitrage trading just to make it look legit since there’s no evidence at all that they’re engaging in any trading.

While their website is carefully designed, this is just a ploy to attract as many naive investors as possible.

They even claim that they’ll leverage your capital. If this is the case, it simply means that Marketrobo is operating like a Crypto exchange or a broker for that matter.

This means that they need some sort of license in order to conduct these operations across continents.

We’ve looked at the “trading strategy” and realized that Marketrobo is just recycling words from other false competing platforms.

The strategy is as follows:

Marketrobo analyzes over 100 Crypto currencies. It then compares pricing across different exchanges in order to buy or sell.

Price difference is allegedly by 0.15% which is why traders apparently need leverage. Market robo claims that if an investor puts in €1,000 with a leverage of 1:25, this investor will get a leverage of €25,000.

While the concept of arbitrage trading is the same as what is described in the dubious website, we have a feeling that Marketrobo is not trading at all.

So it can be considered a Cryptocurrency scam for that matter.

Not registered or licensed anywhere

Scammers in the Cryptocurrency space cannot hide because if they do, a sophisticated investor will question their regulatory status.

It is illegal to offer automated Cryptocurrency trading without a proper license. In the US, they refer to it as “offering of securities without a license.”

It is usually considered a felony (See our review of F1 Trade to understand the gravity of the situation).

Because of the serious penalties involved with defrauding investors through offering unregistered securities, Marketrobo has disclosed on their site that they’re not accepting users from countries like USA.

The owner of this site has slapped a bunch of logos belonging to big websites like, and many more.

The funny thing is that nowhere on these sites did Marketrobo get an endorsement.

In fact, there’s no evidence of partnership at all because these are serious sites that won’t partner with a fraudulent operation like Market robo.

The site even claims that they’ve been featured on TV shows. Asking them for proof of this will get you ignored.

Therefore, these endorsements are fake including the number of people they claim to have trusted them.

Profits are allegedly easy to earn with Market Robo Cryptocurrency app

They claim that people can register and earn their profits in 5 minutes.

They also claim that users can work for 10 to 15 minutes everyday in order to make monthly profits.

What they’ve not disclosed is proof of profitability. They use a lot of words to try convincing victims to sign up.

By the way, minimum deposit is only €150. These guys are likely to convince you to deposit more money into their platform.

They’ll collect your phone number plus a lot of other personal information to study you.

They operate like traditional boiler room scams where a victim is always put on phone call in order to be fleeced some more.

If they tell you that profits are easy to make with this platform, you should not trust them because there’s no clear strategy in place.

Arbitrage trading does not guarantee any profits. There must be something else in the trading strategy that must accompany the concept.

Marketrobo does not provide a convincing answer to the above concern.


Market robo is a typical Cryptocurrency scam. They claim to leverage funds but the question is where do they get the money to leverage funds that much?

Marketrobo does not have a clear strategy of trading. Ownership information is hidden plus trading results cannot be revealed because they don’t trade.

They’re possibly a high yield investment operation that collects money from victims to pay older members. This is what ponzi schemes have been doing since time immemorial.

Thanks for reading this Marketrobo review. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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