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Market Corp Invest Review: A Scam!

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Market Corp Invest at is a website where investors are promised 2.5% daily returns for 6 days.

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The minimum investment that Market Corp Invest requires is just $10.

They also claim that their physical address is 4/87 Gardner St Richmond VIC 3121, Australia.

One cannot establish the truth here because if indeed they are in Australia, they should be running this investment business with an ASIC license.

Also, they claim that their company has existed for 7 years now.

Market Corp Invest review

When you run on a website like, you will find very contradicting details with regards to the length of time that this alleged investment company has operated.

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Is Market Corp Invest Legit?

This website or platform cannot be legitimate since all evidence point to the fact that it is a HYIP.

A HYIP is a website that is registered anonymously and providing fake financial services without a license.

They will promise daily returns which you will never withdraw even though your dashboard will say you have made a profit.

Their aim is to make you deposit money into their platform (sending the owner your money).

Withdrawals are never processed and these sites usually disappear within a year.

Market Corp Invest owners are anonymous too. They are promised financial freedom but not providing any evidence of legitimate investment activities.


When you trust these scammers, you will lose your money. It is as simple as that.

Don’t send them your money because they are not providing any financial service.

They are neither traders nor investors. ROIs are supposed to be generated out of nothing.

This is a scam.

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