We provide the best and most reliable Forex trading managed accounts. If you would like to invest in Forex but have no time or skill required to make money consistently, you need to consult us.

Our trading strategy has consistently yielded returns of up to 20% a month. We trade a number of instruments which include Forex pairs, stocks and Cryptocurrencies.

With our managed Forex trading accounts, you will make extra income on a regular basis because we protect investor capital by applying the safest risk management techniques.

We are swing traders and that means we hold positions overnight and sometimes up to a week if markets are not moving quickly.

Our Managed Forex accounts have proved to be truly convenient for the investor who does not have the time to analyze the market.

How to get started with our managed Forex trading accounts

  1. You need to contact us
  2. We will discuss your investment needs.
  3. Minimum deposit is $5000.
  4. Pay the 10% setup fee which caters for the copy trading software that we use to connect to your account
  5. Let us trade while you sit back and relax

Safety of your funds in our managed Forex trading accounts

Your funds are 100% safe. They are deposited with a regulated broker and secondly, we use proper risk management practices to ensure that capital is always preserved.

Therefore, no investor should be afraid by thinking that funds will be lost in our trading accounts. That has never happened because of the above things.

Contact us so we can discuss how we can trade for you.