Review: Performance Con Artists! (Madaz Money) is a trading school that first appeared on the internet in April 2017.

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This trading school wants to “teach students how to become overnight millionaires”, day trading the stock market.

The truth is the opposite of what the vendor wants to hear in our review.

I actually prefer starting small and of course spending money on less costly trading resources to achieve the goal of trading stocks like a professional.

The trading school is owned and operated by Max, aka Madaz and a couple of other guys.

The identity of this man has never been disclosed on the sales copy. But funny thing is that he is exposing the full names of his other colleagues. is ridiculously referring to these people as “Professors”.

But I actually call them con artists because a Professor is someone with an academic rank at the University or some research institution.

The people running Madaz Money don’t even have a University degree in finance, let alone a decent trading track record.

madaz money review

All they have is a pretty website with a good sales copy because this is all that is needed to defraud the financially naive.

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For just $2,990, Mr. Max of Madazmoney will sell you a get rich quick stock trading formula. There are 3 of them.

The self-proclaimed “millionaire” even turned a $50,000 trading account into a $4 million account in just 7 months.

Now, for a limited time offer, Mr. Max wants to give you a discount where you will become wealthy like him.

At the time of writing this MadazMoney review, it was 30% off discount.

In-depth review of

What exactly are these “professors” offering for thousands of dollars?

They peddle 3 different kinds of stock trading courses. This is their main business.

These courses include:

1.Intro to short selling………. $2,990

2.Trading small caps (the long game)…… $2,990

3.How to effectively trade and scale

Enrollment ends in 20 days! But if you take these courses now, you will become fabulously wealthy, just like Madaz!

Madaz is a tape reader

Madaz is peddling real, live and big money trades on his Twitter account and advertising how he makes a lot of money trading stocks.

He is a self proclaimed Ninja scalper, “tape reader” and technical analysis expert.

He is a verified 7 figure income earner. He lives out of Los Angeles.

Previously, he was a “structural engineer”. This career profile cannot be verified.

This part where he says he’s a tape reader is quite interesting.

Tape reading barely works. It is some form of visual hallucination or mind game.

Those traders who have helped other traders overcome psychological mistakes have always confessed that tape reading is a fake art.

When you stand in front of a screen and watch numbers flashing before your eyes, it will generate visual hallucination.

Some con artists will use tape reading to claim that they can see a pattern develop, and they can trade effectively based on this superstition.

But ask yourself….. how can something like tape reading, that won’t pass any scientific validation, produce effective trades, and probably make the tape reader a millionaire? trading simulator, chatroom and videos

Madaz has a special partnership with Das Inc.

You’ll pay between $15 to $150 monthly to access this trading simulator, and of course the vendor will earn some commission in the process.

MadazMoney offers a bunch of free technical analysis videos.

Most of the videos shows Madaz blabbering behind a screen and not actually live trading.

Day trading usually happens in the Madaz Money chatroom.

However, this is actually not what you think.

The chatroom of Madaz Money will be a place for answering questions and trading on a simulator, rather than doing it in the real money.

The truth that these guys don’t want to hear

Throughout the sales copy, Madaz has never declared any losses in his trading.

The vendor’s website contains a page where Madaz posted his supposed brokerage statement.

What you must know is that this sort of brokerage statement is only posted by vendors who have refused to disclose their real trades in a way that can be independently verified.

If you see a brokerage statement that does not show any losses, it means the vendor cherry picked his trades and also edited a lot of the trades you see on that statement.

It is never the reality, but a performance con game.

As you can see, Mr. Madaz’ broker statement is full of red highlights.

There is no reason why we should be too naïve to believe that he didn’t apply the same image-editing skills to write the figures the way he wants them to read.

The bottom line is that we can’t believe the lie since there is no trading without occasional losses.

If it’s too good to be true, think twice!

The clever performance disclaimer

Now that there’s evidence that is actually not producing the actual trading statement (that is if they even trade live), you expect them to waylay liability using a clever performance disclaimer.

The limitations of liability even states that the use of the products or services offered by Madaz Money shall not cost more than $250.

Yet their courses are priced at $2,990 each.

The vendor is also not liable to your losses or damages, yet his videos are luring the financially naïve to get suckered into day trading with the idea of making millions like Madaz himself.


It appears that Max or Madaz is a professional in scamming people using his get rich quickly day trading promotions.

The trading performance is unverifiable, and the numbers are out of place.

The trading results have been clearly photoshopped. The promotion videos, including the testimonials ones have been choreographed.

This BS is just too much, yet some folks still pay thousands of dollars, believing this snake oil.

What I can say is that all of this is truly pathetic. Thank you!

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