LPL Financial Review: (

Thanks for reading this LPL Financial review. This website is providing illegal financial advisory services to both advisors and individuals.

The website of LPL Financial is redirecting from to The company is allegedly operating its business out of the US.

The reason this company is illegal is because they are providing a regulated financial service to investors when they do not possess a single valid financial license from any financial watchdog.

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Is LPL Financial Legit?

No, they are not legit. This company claims to be an independent broker/dealer in the US but we know very well that such a company is normally regulated by he SEC.

Nowhere across their website did they mention SEC regulations with regards to the financial services which they offer.

The company is claiming to provide third-party investment services to banks and credit unions. They even claim that LPL Financial has appeared in the fortune 500 companies list.

We can confirm that the company is offering an illegal financial service but there’s no proof that this business has ever appeared on the fortune 500 companies list.

LPL Financial is currently enticing individuals to use their financial advisory services. This means that a lot of money is likely to change hands behind the scenes.

Ultimately, people are likely to lose money because this company is not authorized to provide any financial services to US citizens as well as citizens of other countries.

As a matter of fact, LPL Financial has also been blacklisted by the Belgian financial regulator FSMA.

When a regulator sounds an alarm, you better take it serious because the risk of losing funds in a company like LPLFinancial is very high.

Are your funds safe?

These guys are potentially scammers and there is nothing good that can come out of their investment advisory services.

We do not know their qualifications and definitely not having a license is a major setback.

On the other hand, you only want to work with a thoroughly vetted financial professional and not some anonymous person claiming to be a professional investment advisor.

Your funds cannot be safe in the hands of these people because they lack transparency. This is the first red flag that we saw across the website.

This is how scams like Europa Capital, Alfa Forex Pro and have managed to stay under wraps despite stealing deposits of their victims for quite some time.

In short, if you deal with LPL Financial, be ready to lose whatever you’ve invested in the service.

LPL Financial Review: The conclusion

You want to avoid these smart scammers at all cost. They don’t have a financial license. US regulators like FIMNA does not recognize this company.

They also do not have an insurance that will cover their client’s capital in case they go under. In short, this is a deadly scam with a beautiful face for a website.

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