Review: Scam Broker and How to recover your money

Welcome to the review. In our previous review, we talked about how Lonmarkets was intending to scam traders and investors.

Actually the website of is a copy-paste of’s website, word for word and in terms of the design.

Such a broker can make you suffer massive losses even when you have the best trading and investment tools to trade with.

Londonex appears to be operated by the same people who run, hence the similarity.

That said, we’d like to disclose that this broker cannot be trusted as there is a risk of getting scammed.

This review is basically going to highlight those red flags, letting you know why Londonex is a suspicious broker that cannot be trusted.

Londonex review: why we don’t trust them

The broker Londonex is only two months old in the marketplace, and we do not like trading or trusting new companies that don’t have a reputation just yet.

The broker is also running its business from the offshore region of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

It appears that this broker is a brand of Lonmarkets LLC but at the same time their website suggests that they are owned by a registered entity called Londonex LLC.

It’s important to know that brokers operating the the SVG jurisdiction are not properly regulated.

This makes the region a truly safe haven for investment scams among them Forex brokers.

Therefore, if you wire your money to this offshore location, you are sure to lose it because withdrawing that money will be next to impossible.

Also, this broker is targeting various countries with its services yet it is not licensed to do so.

Some countries that they’re always targeting include the UK, France, Germany and Spain.

Do not be fooled by Londonex platform and their offers

Indeed they offer plenty of tradeable instruments which include Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares and Cryptocurrencies.

They advertise tight spreads and zero commission as well. They offer the popular and sleek MT5 trading platform which is a darling to most professional traders using profitable trading tools as recommended here.

As a matter of fact, the company is just making too good to be true promises on their entire website.

This is because they want you to sign up, deposit your money and the next step is to steal your money.

As usual, the company is also giving crazy bonuses. They are promising 200% deposit bonus which is unusual.

If you see these things on a broker’s website (especially a new Forex broker), run as fast as your legs can carry you because the broker is trying to lure you so they can steal your deposit.

How to recover your money from Londonex scam broker

We can help you recover your money quickly and efficient using a streamlined mychargeback process.

All you need to do is engage an expert using the live chat at the bottom of this website.

We have also included a link at the beginning and end of this article to help you navigate your way for quick help.

If you lost money to this broker or elsewhere, you need to commence the process now.

The Conclusion

Some brokers are not serious with business, and Londonex is one of those brokers that only want to steal your deposit.

This is why they’re giving you zero spreads on the raw account yet spreads and commissions are the only way a legitimate broker makes money.

They also give you crazy leverage (1:1000) because this will cause massive losses on your account quickly.

Chances are that this broker is also going to trade against you because they are clearly a bucket shop.

Thanks for reading this review. Take it as a warning and stay safe.