London FX Club Review: Is Scam or Legit?

Welcome to the London FX Club review. is just an interesting website. They are selling trading education, Forex signals and a manual trading system. Trading education on this website costs £1,495, and the vendor promises to make you a profitable trader if you make the purchase. As for the Forex signals, the cost is £60 monthly or £360 semi-annually. If you want the manual system, which is sold in the form of a 5-minute video, the cost is £95.

Is London FX Club legit? We are 100% sure that this service is not profitable and cannot even come close to the Forex signals that traders use on a daily basis to make money and learn the market in the process. The vendor’s website is basically a shiny landing page with promises that will make you feel good for nothing. If you want to know why this is a pure scam, keep reading.

London FX Club review: the details

They claim that the signals will yield 3,000+ pips monthly. At the time of writing this review, they had posted on their website that they made 1400+ pips in 5 days.

The “statistics’ section of the website cannot be trusted because it is just an image that was integrated into the html code of the website. It can’t be updated, plus verifying the numbers is next to impossible as we don’t have details such as which FX pairs were traded, what TP and SL were trades closed at and so on.

We’re also looking at the registeration date of this website and realizing that it was launched in July 2017.

However, the FAQ section is claiming that London FX Club has been sharing signal results since 2015. We know that this is not true since the alleged results are nowhere to be found.

Should you buy anything from London FX Club?

The reason we feel that this website is not honest is because they lack transparency just like Profit Academy FX.

Transparency is needed in this industry in order to acquire consumers and even make them comfortable with the service.

So far, we have not been successful in locating reviews from any of the so-called clients of LondonFXclub signals service.

Yet they’ve posted “testimonials” on their website. This tells us that the vendor is using fake testimonials.

What to do if you lose money on this website

Due to their dubious Forex signals, trading education and system, there’s a chance that traders who use the service will lose their deposit (because a Forex broker must be involved at some point).

If you lose money to a dubious broker who might have also partnered with the scam, you can always get your money back.

It is for that purpose that we included a live chat down below. Use that live chat to get your money back.

You can also raise your case with a professional chargeback company by filling and submitting your details in the form that we included in this review.

Pursuing a chargeback by yourself is often a futile effort because there are so many complexities involved. But if professionals can assist you, chances of getting your money back will be 100% sure.

The Conclusion

London FX Club is a shiny website that takes advantage of the inexperienced Forex trader. They know that such traders can’t question their pip achievement.

Now that you have read this review and are enlightened enough, you know which way to go as far as this review is concerned.

If you are confused or don’t know which Forex signals company to work with, consider the listing in this page.