Review: Is Live Traders by Jared and Anmol Legit? - Review: Is Live Traders by Jared and Anmol Legit?

Today’s Live Traders review is a quick update of the previous post which appeared a year ago.

Of course the owners of (Jared Wesley and Anmol Singh) finally proved that their students are profitable and the service is worthwhile.

Currently, Live Traders is offering multiple trading products designed to help beginners and expert traders achieve success.

These include professional trading strategies, video tutorials, newsletters and a Trading chatroom.

The trading school is mainly focusing on Stocks and a little bit of Forex and Options trading too.

Because we invested a lot of time in keeping tabs with the progress of Live Traders, we now have an insightful review, letting you know whether Jared Wesley and Anmol Singh and truly looking forward to your training and success.

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Live Traders Review

The website of this vendor ( was launched in 2015 with a focus on building a thriving community of traders who can share ideas.

For this reason, the vendor launched a chatroom for traders, and is insisting that participants are guaranteed honesty and transparency.

live traders review

They post live trade, profits and losses. They’re letting students know that is run by real traders and not actors.

Their priority is to call real trades before they trigger, and of course each one of these trades will be accompanied by explanations for education purposes.

In short, is promising to be as transparent with their service as possible.

The 2021 Mega Bundle and Other bonuses

Right now many trading educators are providing some sort of a bonus, and LiveTraders is not left behind either.

The Mega Bundle is a massive sale, and the aim of these trading educators is to give you access to a mentor that knows how to profit consistently!

The founders of Live Traders feel that traders making new year resolutions to become better trader will always fail.

They feel that taking stabs blindly on stocks, losing money and moving to the next losing strategy is not the way to go.

The Mega Bundle consists of the following items:

1.LiveTraders flagship course………………..$2,497

2.Trading Plan Essentials…………$97-$147

3.Swing Trading Newsletter and Chatroom access………………1 month free

4.Trading with an edge………..$97

5.Tracking spreadsheet and more valued at $100

The vendor provides this bundle for a one-time cost of $1,897.

Is a subscription for Live Traders chatroom worth it?

The Live Traders Chat Room (LTCR) is designed to speed up learning, and there’s even a statement that says the vendor treats trading like a business.

Live Traders - Live Trading Room

The trading education provider is currently offering 2 trading rooms.

They include a Forex Trading room and a stock trading room.

Access to the company’s Forex trading room costs $97 while their stock trading room costs $147 per month.

This is the industry average for most chatroom subscriptions, so we can’t say it’s a costly affair.

Furthermore, the sales page promises that just one good trade can help you recover the cost of your lifetime subscription.

This lifetime subscription costs $4,497 by the way.

Also, if you want to learn Forex and Stock trading at the same time, Live Traders can give you access for just $197 per month.

They post 3-6 trades per day.

Again, this frequency is good enough considering that the maximum number of students in the chatroom is 1,000 members.

The company also feels that they are honest with their trading results.

They categorically state that will post every trade, every stop-out and every result to make their chatroom experience as transparent as possible.

Like every other chatroom, they encourage questions and generally all kinds of participation.

The trading room schedule is from Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm EST.

What if you can’t afford Subscription?

Jared Wesley and Anmol Singh are offering a scholarship program called LiveTraders Legacy.

If you can’t meet the financial cost of this trading education, take a stab on this.

Qualifying students will receive up to $5,000 worth of proven training courses.

The application process is quick and straightforward. Students will fill out a short form with their details, trading experience and earning expectations.

They’ll receive a call from 800) 947-4027 to evaluate their suitability for the LiveTraders Legacy program.

If they qualify, Wesley and Anmol will allow the student to cherry-pick their trading strategies.

It’s a lengthy but worthwhile process, they say! However, the strategies will save time and money.

Who is Jared Wesley and Anmol Singh?

They are the founders of, but most importantly, they’re traders with Wall street background.

Occasionally, I bump into these traders on the internet. Most of them make these unverifiable claim just to generate sales.

However, in the last couple of months, I engaged both Jared and Anmol via a series of emails, and of course there were several background checks.

Instead of tacking their tails and snubbing my emails like fake trading educators do, I was surprised at how they responded to my ultimate litmus test where I requested to see a redacted broker statement.

This was served as a verifiable PDF document straight from the broker.

I indeed verified the trades, time stamps and of course the P&L declaration from the brokers.

Ultimate, my back and forth communication proved that Jared and Anmol and very honest, patient and above all, likeable.


The professional approach seen on the Live Traders website is really good for building trust and confidence on the service.

The customer support response times is remarkably impressive.

They provide chat, email and phone support.

Live Traders also has a product for every trader. They’re working with both swing and day traders.

In addition to this, I liked the lively trading rooms where everyone participated and feedback was useful.

And if we ever created a list of “the best trading rooms to join”, we would include Live Traders chatroom at the top.

Lastly, it is indeed true that the Founders of this trading school are real traders with live brokerage accounts.

Unless they stop trading in the future, I can attest to the fact that currently whatever strategy they’re using is consistently profitable, and they should keep it up.

It’s now up to you to decide whether you want to join LiveTraders or sign up for these other recommended trading products.


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