Review: Is Live Traders by Jared Wesley Legit? Review: Is Live Traders by Jared Wesley Legit?

Welcome to Live Traders review.

LiveTraders’ original website ( is now abandoned!

Their terms and conditions page insists that the company is not providing investment advice, yet that is exactly what they offer.

They even claim that the learning materials (videos, webinars, mentoring, chart examples) are for educational purposes only.

But that’s a way to circumvent the fact that they’re offering investment advice through live trading room demonstrations, videos and mentoring.

While some have claimed that the live chat room and education experience is pleasant, that is just how far these dudes can go.

We still face the ugly fact that an unlicensed trading educator is soliciting to buy or sell a certain market instrument in the name of mentoring.

By doing so, they’re charging a monthly or yearly subscription while aligning their pockets, thanks to BS marketing.

If they could only resist the urge to convey a false sense of wealth and a lifestyle of freedom (because all of this is fake), perhaps Live Traders would be a fair product.

Live Traders Review

Live Traders claims to make average traders experts. Jared Wesley (alias Anmol Singh) claims his students have made $3000 in weekly returns.

The site is also offering a “scholarship” where students are promised that they’ll make a 6 figure income in 6 months. Sounds like complete baloney!

Live Traders is offering trader education in Forex, stocks and options. A live trading room is also included in the deal.

In this website, students “learn” by watching Jared Wesley and his students placing “live” trades on the internet.

LiveTraders is even claiming that they’ve been featured in big media outlets like Forbes, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Yahoo you name it.

What Jared Wesley cannot produce is proof of verified returns from his trading. In fact, what the

Is Live Traders legit or yet another scam?

We’ll tackle this in this Live Traders review.

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Live Traders Review: about the product

We understand that the site is offering professional trading strategies but when asked where the profit numbers are coming from, this landing page states that verified profits exist since 2018.

I can’t seem to find the link to their verified trading performance. Again, this just shows that Jared Wesley and his team are using marketing theatrics.

What fascinates us most is the trader scholarship program where “qualified” get the chance to go through live trader training program for free or at a subsidized cost.

Live Traders review

The Live Trading scholarship program is categorized into tiers. Tier 1 students get 100% free training. Tier 2 traders get their training subsidized at 75%. Tier 3 traders enjoy 60% discount.

Live Traders claim that scholarship applicants are randomly selected by chance after getting screened. Several factors are considered before winners can be found.

This is the very first time we are hearing such a thing from internet marketers. It almost looks like this is the real deal but when you are not naive, you can quickly see that Live Traders and the owner Jared Wesley (alias Anmol Singh) are actually not qualifying candidates for the 100% scholarship.

In the next few weeks after ranking this Live Traders review, I am certainly sure that they’ll come here faking their experience with the trader education program and of course claiming that they got 100% free scholarship.

Anyone who applies for this scholarship will definitely fall into either of the two categories: 60% or 75%  scholarship. Internet marketers know that this plays well with the psychology of buyers. If they tell you that a scholarship exists, you’ll apply and they’ll make money in the process. No qualifying for 100% paid-for trading education.

Live Traders Review – the trading room!

There are 2 trading rooms. These are Forex Trading room and stock trading room. Access to the company’s Forex trading room costs $97 while their stock trading room costs $147 per month.

Live Traders - Live Trading Room

If you want both, Live Traders can give you access to $197 per month.

There are 5 to 10 trades per day in these trading rooms.

The company also claims to post their full results in a transparent way. Even losses are posted. This is easy to say in reality but difficult to implement.

The Live Traders Chat Room (LTCR) is designed to speed up learning. But is it worth paying and spending time here?

Live Traders apparel

Jared Wesley (alias Anmol Singh) is selling branded t-shirts too. A t-shirt costs $29.95. You can buy these if you like the school but this does not mean you’ll be a successful trader by any means.

Video testimonials: Are these reviews and testimonials real?

Marketers have learned to hire people on the internet to create short astonishing endorsement videos. This can be done for as little as $30.

It’s definitely hard to trust these videos as they cannot be used to conclude any truth regarding Live Traders.

And of course the Facebook reviews are also made up. We don’t buy screenshots anymore as these can be created using any photo-editing software.

Live Traders review – the ugly truth

When someone claims they’ll help you make 6 figure income from trading in the next 6 months and yet they are selling the secret for $200 per month subscription, ask yourself why.

The alleged documented results of their trading have not been posted on their website. We’d actually want to see their redacted trading statement posted for everyone to see.


If you actually believe these guys, you’ll try out their service and after 1 month, you’ll realize that you paid at least $200 and you ended up not making much.

In most cases you’ll not recover the $200 spent on these trading rooms. We’d like more feedback from the operators and students of this trading chat room. Otherwise we have strong evidence to suggest that these are mere online marketers. 

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