Review: Scam or Legit?

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In this review, we will discuss why is a suspicious website. The company is offering a wide range of financial services which include Crypto credit lines, fundraising, lending and borrowing.

In addition to this, also offers business consulting and financial management services.

The company is based in the US and is using various online marketing tactics to promote their financial services.

Since they are operating this service out of the US, it should make sense to discuss their regulatory status.

While the company has been running business for close to 2 years, their scope of business is somehow suspicious, plus their regulatory information cannot be found on the company’s website.

That said, traders and investors are advised to follow our recommendations here rather than rely on a financial/investing service whose outlook is bleak. Review: why you should not transact with this company

As you can see, their name is quite confusing and not related to what they claim to do on their website.

At first, we thought they are about trading because they seem to have borrowed their domain from another scam called

On the other hand, we see some pieces of evidence suggesting that this company has a mobile app that provides trading facilities for zero commission.

It therefore means that is actually a broker who has expanded their scope of business to also cover borrowing and lending services.

The general consensus is that is offering financial services. But the problem is that they are not regulated by the SEC or any financial oversight authority.

This makes them an illegal broker that is not fit to provide any type of trading services. Digital Initial Private Offering (DIPO)

The company is apparently offering LTD token that is said to have the capacity of furthering the growth of the platform’s trading operations.

In addition to this, the company is telling its clients that they can receive “tokenized stocks” from the securities portfolio.

The Digital Initial Private offering aka DIPO is just a vehicle by which the company allegedly tokenizes business assets with the aim of raising capital.

Ultimately, the financially intelligent consumer will need proof that the token is helpful and the value of this token will grow on a solid demonstrated business ground.

The Conclusion

Despite offering brokerage services/trading platform, this company has not sought any financial license.

The major complaint is that is engaging in a wide scope of business that makes them look like a ponzi scheme to some extent.

In addition to this, we’ve not seen any client feedback that supports the alleged quality of service that is offering.

That said, we advice that you approach with caution instead of trusting the company right away. Many investors have lost money to this kind of thing, and we’d like to see our readers not losing money to these schemes anymore.

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